Barcode & Variable Data Solutions


Barcode & Variable Data labels & tags display item specific variable information.


Our secure EDI systems and our network of service bureaus eliminate errors and reduce costs.


Virtually every product requires at some point in it’s life cycle to be identified by one or more unique characteristics that differentiate it from other similar products.


These unique characteristics can be factors such as size, style, shade, price, material, SKU and barcode.


Each product is assigned codes representing each variable, which are then used throughout the product supply chain to track distribution, manage inventory, and ensure compliance with Point-of-Sale systems.


immago provides customised solutions that manage the delivery of this ‘variable information’ seamlessly from your internal systems to your labels and tags.   We use secure, on-line transfer and verification processes, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your product specific information is maintained throughout your supply chain.


And we offer a range of media options, including self adhesive labels, price tickets (‘kimbles’) and direct printing onto your printed swing tags in combination with your brand imagery.