Care & Content Labels


Care & Content labels communicate important consumer care information…


We provide expert advice and a full range of material options for your care labels.


Care & Content labels communicate information to the consumer about how to care for a fabric based product, and are most commonly applied to clothing, linen, bedding and other textile items.

Care & Content labels use standard laundry symbols and terms that are commonly recognised by the consumer, and provide direction for prolonging the life of the article.

Image Label Systems provides expert advice on the graphics required for your care labelling, including the appropriate industry standard terms and symbology.

Our standard printed care labels are presented on a range of soft, durable fabrics, all wash tested to strict international standards to maximise the life of label readability.

For the more traditional look, our woven care labels provide a quality look and feel, with the advantage of longer term readability.

We also offer a range of adhesive options – including iron-on, conventional pressure sensitive, and PVC.

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