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Secure on-line ordering – anywhere, anytime.

WHAT IS LabelNet®?

LabelNet® is a web-shop that hosts each customer’s label and packaging range on a secure on-line platform, delivering a seamless cataloguing and ordering experience.

Powerfully simple

LabelNet® has been built with the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of supply chain variables, from the simplest to the most complex, while providing a seamless, user-friendly processing methodology.

Why LabelNet®?

The apparel sourcing supply chain can hold complex relationships, including multiple vendors, across different countries, time zones and currencies. LabelNet® gives you both control and flexibility.

With your vendors ordering through LabelNet®, you have complete transparency, and an assurance that your brand representation, label & packaging quality, and commitments you make to sustainability and ethical supply, will be delivered consistently across your label and packaging requirements.

And as your supply chain changes, LabelNet® enables a seamless shift of supply variables, whether at a country of origin or vendor level.

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