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RFID Anti-Theft & Product Tracking Solutions

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RFID anti-theft & product tracking devices reduce theft & improve product traceability


Our solutions integrate RFID and EAS devices into labels and tags

The integration of anti-theft and product tracking devices into labels, tags and packaging is commonly known as ‘Source Tagging’ or ‘Electronic Article Surveillance’ (‘EAS’).


The two technologies commonly used for the manufacture of these tracking devices are Radio Frequency (also known as “RFID”) and Acousto Magnetic (also known as “AM”).


immago puts the ‘Source’ into ‘Source Tagging’ by offering a range of solutions that seamlessly integrate EAS devices into labels, tags & packaging directly to your chosen point-of-production, including:


  1.  Entry level systems, such as a standard EAS tag overprinted with variable product information, e.g. a barcode;
  2. Covert solutions in which the device is integrated into a generic or branded woven label or swing tag;
  3.  Fully integrated solutions that combine variable product information and branding with the RFID device into a single label or tag product.
RFID tags

Anti-theft & Product Tracking

immago puts the “source” into source tagging, offering a range of EAS and RFID solutions to protect your products.

Product Options

Given the technical nature of EAS & RFID solutions, it is critical we discuss with you end goals.


From understanding any existing equipment you may have that our offerings may need to align with, to learning more about any specific business problem you have where EAS or RFID tagging could provide a solution.


This discussion will then shift to focus on the options we can present to you, along with what will need to be done to meet pre-determined equipment and technical parameters.


The more common product options we have on offer, fall into the following categories:


  • EAS stickers with or without barcodes
  • Cosmetic EAS stickers
  • Laundry tags
  • Silicone encased tags
  • Swing tags – with variable print
  • RFID protected products (such as wallets and neck pouches)


These are only examples of core product options, call us to discuss your unique requirements, we can tailor a solution specific to you.

What we need to know

  • Specific application requirements
  • Expected duties of the label or tag
  • Operating frequency required
  • Understanding of the operating environment
  • What scanning equipment you will be using
  • Expected life cycle of the label or tag


We will discuss the full application parameters with you to ensure the correct product is aligned with your application parameters.

The Path:

EAS labelling solutions are relatively straightforward, and are formulated based on application requirement, tag type and supply presentation requirements (e.g. supplied on rolls with pre-printed barcodes).


RFID label & tag solutions are significantly more bespoke and will require a unique path to be developed. Once your application parameters and goals are understood, product options would be created for further discussion.

RFID security sticker

RFID Anti-Theft & Product Tracking:

EAS Labels & Tags


Variably printed swing tag with RFID enabled inlay.


Square 40x40mm, self-adhesive EAS label.


Round 40mm, self-adhesive EAS label.


RFID inlay, capable of being encoded.


Screenprinted pouch label including EAS security tag.


Screenprinted satin pouch label including RFID inlay.


AM self-adhesive tag with dummy barcode.


Commercial grade, RFID laundry tag.


Variably printed self-adhesive label with RFID enabled inlay.


Square 40x40mm, self-adhesive EAS label with dummy barcode.


Woven label with encapsulated EAS security tag.


Woven label with encapsulated EAS security tag.