Retail Packaging Solutions

Retail Packaging promotes brand recognition & enhances product presentation.


Our packaging solutions provide exciting and creative opportunities to promote your brand identity.


Retail packaging provides an opportunity to showcase your product, and to communicate your brand imagery at point-of-sale and beyond.


Quality packaging ensures your brand builds retail ‘presence’, and enhances your customers shopping experience.


immago provides a range of packaging products for retail that meet both design and functional needs in todays retail space.


We work with you to achieve the very best combination of functionality and design, and we offer a wide range of solutions, including:

1. Shopping Bags – in paper, plastic & non-woven & eco-friendly options.

2. Presentation bags and pouches.

3. Presentation boxes – a variety of materials and finishes.

4. Tissue papers.

5. Sock & Hosiery wraps.

6. Header cards.

7. Garment bags.

Clothing sales packaging the mens shop

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