Clothing Label Solutions

Clothing labels communicate brand messaging across a range of label and tag media.


Our solutions focus on the consistent representation of your brand imagery across your supply chain.


In today’s multi-channel retail environment, apparel items carry a range of labels and tags, each fulfilling a unique and important function in the branding and identification of your product range.


SWING TAGS carry both brand messaging and item identification, and play a critical role in the apparel supply chain.  Swing tags are available in a range of materials, including paper-board, fabric, plastics, metal and even wood Your tags can be accessorised with eyeletting, stringing and folding, and your brand imagery enhanced with over glossing, staining/distressing, foil stamping, and die cutting. And at immago, we are always looking for that cutting edge in design and format, to create a look that truly complements your unique brand values.


WOVEN LABELS are an enduring ‘signature’, connecting the customer with your brand identity for the lifetime of your product. We have over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of woven labels, ensuring the combination of features you choose for your label work to communicate your brand values. Our world class artwork and design facilities combine with the latest yarn and weaving technologies to deliver those brand values in the form of superior quality woven labels.


CARE & CONTENT LABELS communicate information to the consumer about how to care for a fabric-based product. Care & Content labels use standard laundry symbols and terms that are commonly recognised by the consumer and provide direction for prolonging the life of the article. We provide expert advice on the graphics required for your care labelling, including the appropriate industry standard terms and symbology. We use a range of soft, durable fabrics, all wash tested to strict international standards to maximise the life of label readability. We also offer woven care labels (to provide a premium look and feel, along with the advantage of longer term readability), and a range of adhesive options – including iron-on, conventional pressure sensitive, and PVC.


BADGES & PATCHES are prominent, decorative brand labels that complement other product branding. Badges are also widely used to acknowledge achievement in sports and other organisations such as the Scouting & Guides movements. Badges and patches are designed for long-life, and are manufactured from a range of enduring materials, including silicon, rubber, leather – both natural and imitation, and the traditional woven and embroidered products. They can be finished in a range of custom shapes, edge overlocked, and backed with self-adhesive for non-sew applications. We offer a comprehensive range of materials and styles, with an emphasis on quality, with the latest high definition yarns – which deliver superb detail, and laser cutting techniques – which allow creativity in the design of shape and style.


NON-WOVEN LABELS are a popular alternative to the traditional woven ‘main label’ for communicating brand identity. These labels can be manufactured from a wide range of fabrics, and using a variety of imaging techniques, including printing, embossing and embroidery. Non-Woven Labels are popular with emerging designers seeking a value product, or for any brand seeking a look and feel that is somewhat ‘different’ to the mainstream. They can also be used to provide a complementary brand emphasis positioned away from the main label on the garment.


SPECIALTY TRIMS communicate brand imagery, carry accessories, and perform other functional elements of the garments design. Some examples are:
1. Pocket flashers.
2. Belt loops, zip pulls and button bags.
3. Printed and woven ribbon & tape.
4. Buttons and rivets.
5. Lanyards.

immago provides a comprehensive range of specialty trims, with a full artwork and design service to complement our high-quality product range.

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