RFID Anti-Theft & Product Tracking Solutions


RFID anti-theft & product tracking devices reduce theft & improve product traceability.


Our solutions integrate RFID and EAS devices into labels and tags.


The integration of anti-theft and product tracking devices into labels, tags and packaging is commonly known as ‘Source Tagging’ or ‘Electronic Article Surveillance’ (‘EAS’).


The two technologies commonly used for the manufacture of these tracking devices are Radio Frequency (also known as “RFID”) and Acousto Magnetic (also known as “AM”).


immago puts the ‘Source’ into ‘Source Tagging’ by offering a range of solutions that seamlessly integrate EAS devices into labels, tags & packaging directly to your chosen point-of-production, including:


1. Entry level systems, such as a standard EAS tag overprinted with variable product information, e.g. a barcode;


2. Covert solutions in which the device is integrated into a generic or branded woven label or swing tag;


3. Fully integrated solutions that combine variable product information and branding with the RFID device into a single label or tag product.