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5 Questions to ask your label supplier

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5 Questions to ask your label supplier

ATF Magazine Feature – August 2012

The first question is do they own their own facilities ‘on the ground’ outside of Australasia? “Ownership means control” Marshall points out, “and control results in consistently lower pricing, shorter lead times, plus superior quality and service.”

The second question is – are their facilities located close to your supply sources? “Alignment with your supply chain cuts both freight costs and lead times” says Marshall.”The closer your supplier actually manufactures to your source, the lower your costs and the shorter your lead times will be”.

Thirdly, do they have the resources to support changes to supply sourcing decisions? “Our customer’s source from a wide range of global supply centres, and sourcing decisions can be dynamic” Marshall explains. “Flexibility matters, which means it is critical that your label supplier has the resources to move and expand with you.”

The fourth question is – are you offered tailored solutions, or a ‘one size fits all’ approach? “The larger global players assume all businesses are the same, and attempt to ‘fit’ your requirements into their systems. As a result it can be difficult to retain those distinct elements that have made your business successful.”

And finally, do they offer effective, flexible e-business solutions? “Your label supplier’s on line solutions should adapt to your brand and supply chain structure” says Marshall, “not attempt to squeeze your business model into a predetermined format.”