5 Sustainable fashion brands and how they’re making a difference

sustainable fashion brands

5 Sustainable fashion brands and how they’re making a difference

We’ve talked before about how Fast Fashion is helping to create an environmental disaster, so it was inevitable that a movement of sustainable fashion brands would spawn in response to the damage being done.

Slow Fashion is a concept that advocates for manufacturing with respect to people, environment, and animals.

Sustainability is now the buzzword for brands, with designers, manufacturers, and consumers all making an effort to reduce the impact the industry is having on the planet.

And it is a big impact.

The textile industry is second only behind oil as the planet’s greatest polluter, responsible for 20% of the industrial water pollution around the world.

Something must change, and many brands are now placing all their chips on sustainability as the driving force behind consumer choice.

These five companies have made commitments to a more ethical, sustainable future.


Patagonia is serious about environmentalism.

The company place sustainability and Fair Trade at the core of their values and it shows.

Over two-thirds of the company’s line uses recycled materials, and 100% of their electricity needs in the US were met with renewable energy.

Patagonia also helps their customers to repair old clothing instead of buying new and encourages them to recycle old gear as well as buying second-hand.

Patagonia sustainability


One of the oldest clothing brands in the world, Levi Strauss, has set science-based targets for itself to reach by 2025.

The aim includes using 100% renewable energy in its facilities, along with a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The iconic company has also partnered up with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to meet corporate objectives regarding reducing emissions and water usage.

People Tree

Founded back in 1991, People Tree have been pioneers in sustainable fashion.

It is currently the only brand credited by the World Fair Trade Organization, with every product made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish.

The company avoids polluting substances, promotes organic farming, and only uses natural fibres. They profess their producers use traditional skills such as hand weaving, hand knitting, or hand embroidery where possible.

Know the Origin

Know the Origin is run by London College of Fashion graduate, Charlotte Instone, who started the company to prove that you can create stunning clothing while still being part of the sustainable fashion brands.

Every step of their production line is transparent, from planting cotton to the final stitch, making the company accountable at every stage.

They only use Fair Trade, GOTS certified organic cotton, meaning that no toxic chemicals or pesticides were used, and through the Fair Trade cooperatives their farmers get a fair and stable price for their crop.


High Street giant Monsoon announced that this year’s Spring/Summer collection would be over 50% sustainable and went on to pledge that by 2023 all its ranges will be over 90% sustainable.

Where possible, the company have reduced the use of unnecessary packaging for their products, shipped in recycled packaging where feasible, and removed plastic bags from their stores.

On top of that, the UK based company has also financed 262 sustainable development projects around the world to deliver life-changing work.

Join the sustainable fashion brands with our help

The fashion industry has changed a lot in recent years, with sustainable practices and environmental issues now more important in the public eye.

Many companies are spearheading the push toward Ethical Fashion, and it seems those who are not moving with the times won’t be around for much longer.

Big, watershed changes like this have happened before, and immago have been there to weather the storm and change with the times.

We have helped dozens of apparel companies through difficult times of change, and this latest environmental drive is no different.

If you would like to know how we can help guide your business through the often confusing path to a more sustainable fashion brand, then contact us today.

We’d love to have a chat about how we can help you and your business move towards a greener, more ethical model.