The four key apparel business solutions we offer our clients

apparel business solutions

The four key apparel business solutions we offer our clients

The world of fashion and apparel is a huge, complicated one, and for small start-ups especially, it can be overwhelming trying to figure it all out by yourself.

With so many things to oversee many businesses look for additional support, and that’s where we can help with our extensive knowledge and decades of experience in apparel business solutions.

Everything, from logistics and materials, to suppliers and shipping, to packaging and marketing, needs to work together as one well-oiled machine. One small kink in the chain can result in disaster down the line.

We have been helping people in this industry for decades, from small, self-employed entrepreneurs to large, global brands.

Here are our four main apparel business solutions we offer our clients.

Clothing Label Solutions

Long gone are the days when a simple tag with the price on it was enough.

Labels and tags in today’s modern world carry a range of information about your brand and your product.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and we can help you with all of them.

Swing tags, for example, are essential in the apparel industry. They come in a range of materials, including paper, cardboard, fabric, plastics, wood, and even metal!

We are always searching for the perfect tag for our customers, one which represents their unique brand and style.

We also have almost fifty years of experience when it comes to woven labels. Our world-class art and design facilities combine with the latest yarn and weaving technologies to deliver the very best woven labels.

Our care and content labels explain to the consumer how to care for certain fabrics, including washing and drying, or even brand slogans or messages.

Barcode & Variable Data Solutions

We’ve talked before about barcodes and why they’re more complicated than most people think!

Virtually every product requires at some point to be identified and distinguished from other similar products, and barcodes and variable data labels are the perfect way to do that.

Each product is assigned a code that identifies unique characters such as size, style, shade, price, and material.

We can provide customised solutions that manage the delivery of this information seamlessly from your internal systems to your labels and tags.

We use secure, online transfer and verification processes, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your product’s specific information is maintained throughout your supply chain.

We can also integrate your brand imagery with your barcodes and labels, by using self-adhesive labels, price tickets (‘kimbles’) and direct printing onto your swing tags.

RFID Anti-Theft & Product Tracking Solutions

Every business needs a way to protect their interests from theft and for the apparel industry, it’s security tags.

RFID (Radio frequency Identification) tagging is the latest way manufacturers are minimising loss through theft.

This is a system that uses tiny microchips which carry a small amount of information, such as product and price. These microchips are so small they can fit into the sticker on the back of the label!

The retailer installs security readers or ‘gates’ at the store exits and these ‘read’ the tags. The alarm sounds if someone tries to leave the store with a security tag that has not been deactivated yet.

We can add these RFID tags into your labels at the manufacturing stage.

Retail Packaging Solutions

The right retail packaging is just as important as the product.

A good first impression is important, and building on that to create a recognised brand is essential if you want long-term success.

Your packaging is the face your brand presents to the world, so it needs to be smart and professional; if your packaging looks cheap, your product will be perceived as cheap.

Everything from the colour to the font type has an impact, either conscious or unconscious, and your packaging is part of your marketing arsenal.

Noticeable, recognisable branding, along with high-quality material is essential for your retail packaging.

We work with some of the biggest (and smallest!) names in the business and as specialists in packaging,  we can help to marry aesthetics with functionality when it comes to packaging your product.

Four simple apparel business solutions to help your company

immago are proud to be fully entrenched in our client’s business, helping whenever and wherever we can.

We are not the kind of business that does “one thing” and leaves the rest to you. From the very beginning of the process, through to the very end, we have your back.

Our label and tagging solutions focus on the consistent representation of your brand imagery, while our barcode and variable data solutions protect the accuracy of your retail data.

Our RFID solutions help cut down retail theft and improve tracking, and our packaging solutions promote your brand identity beyond purchase.

If you feel like you need help with any of these apparel business solutions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.