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Balance of key components achieves successful brand relaunch

mcdonalds scarf boxes

Balance of key components achieves successful brand relaunch

These are not unreasonable requests by any means, but requests which are often not met, especially when dealing with supply lines located in other countries.

Case study: McDonald Textiles New Zealand

These four requirements – quality, consistency, timeliness and price recently made up an intricate request to Image Label Systems New Zealand.

The premise was to essentially relaunch an entire brand from scratch. This involved the alignment of all packaging and trim components into one common theme.

We were approached to develop not only the usual woven garment labels, but also a range of swing tags, hang tags and an intricate presentation box.

mcdonald label

Design is the key to everything


As with every project of this nature, the key component for the success of this programme redevelopment, revolved around artwork.

The process was made easier due to the availability of very clear and concise artwork for all components, and the value of the work completed by the client on this crucial aspect was significant.

Not only did it ensure the end requirements were crystal clear, but it allowed the balance of the development process, including sampling, to be undertaken on a very timely and accurate basis.

The artwork was the driver of the entire project and its subsequent successful launch to market.

Client’s specific requirements defined

Combined with the artwork were very specific requirements for the packaging and swing tags.

mcdonald swing tag

It was clear that a large amount of work and research had gone into pre-selecting all aspects that would eventually combine to form the finished range of products. The specifications had been defined beautifully in terms of appearance, colours, substrate specification and the finished look.

Although, each individual component didn’t come without its own challenges!

The unique specifications defined by the client required quite a bit of searching. Each component had certain criteria to be met, and the challenge was sourcing the base materials for each part to meet those criteria.

The gold standard

To add to the complexity of the job, all tag and packaging components not only used traditional printing methods, but there was also a requirement for gold foiling on all primary logos.

Often foiling processes can be fraught with issues, commonly centred on durability of the foiled areas themselves, there’s nothing worse than seeing a flaking gold logo on a package.

The challenge therefore for us, was to ensure we used the right kind of substrate, allowing the gold foil to endure long-term. The end result was a sturdy, bright image, which helped bring to life the packaging and the story being told.

mcdonald presentation box

Sampling process ensures all components come together


Sampling is an essential part of the process, especially when a broad range of components are being produced with the end goal being to have these all looking and feeling the same.

It becomes even more vital when these different components are made from different materials, as the results can differ wildly.

The sampling process included checking that the colours all matched, the physical fitting together of components worked seamlessly, and that the aforementioned gold foil was up to the highest standard.

All these things needed to come together perfectly, ensuring consistency of theme across the range.

With only a few minor adjustments from the sampling process, mass production could commence.

mcdonald possum merino label

The final hurdle – freight

As it is with all of our clients , one key consideration is to define the best way to transport the product to its final destination, whether that be New Zealand or any other part of the world.

As in most cases, manufacture takes place overseas, so working out the best mechanism for delivery, is an essential part of the process.

Freight can be a challenge, especially in this case, when time plays a critical factor.

In order to meet often extreme deadlines, we more often than not utilise the efficiency of international air freight to assist with moving product quickly. This is fine for most products we handle, however, larger and heavier products may require alternate propositions.

As different components of the packaging process were being made in different countries, the timing had to be perfect to bring them all together.

In this case, the presentation boxes needed to be treated as a special case.

Relatively heavy gauge boxes, once assembled, present not only a weight challenge but they also take up a lot of space, a lot of “air” ends up being transported.

With this project, the presentation boxes were produced to an almost finished state and instead of making up the boxes to their final configuration, these were left flat packed for easier transportation.

With time also being a critical factor in this project, a split shipment option was discussed which entailed a small number of boxes being shipped by airfreight in order to meet relaunch dates. The remaining bulk of the product was sent via sea freight to minimise cost impacts.

Mc Donald -Merino

Dedication and commitment to our clients pays off

This case study is a great example of our dedication to our clients.

Every client is different, and each come with their own specific needs.

By fully understanding these needs, we can work around normal procedures to get you and your business what you need and when you need it.

Whilst this case study illustrates one specific project, we aim to achieve this same success for all our clients. We try our level best to meet all needs identified and aim to exceed their expectations and fulfil our promises.

These values are encompassed by all our team, right across the globe.

We would value your time to discuss how we can assist with your garment labelling and presentation goals.

If you would like to know more about how we can help, or if you have any questions about any of our services,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re here to do our part in helping you to drive your business success.