Why choose immago for your barcode and variable data solutions?

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Why choose immago for your barcode and variable data solutions?

Last month, we discussed barcodes, their history, and why they are so important in the apparel industry. In part two, we’ll explain why immago excels in this area, offering customised solutions that seamlessly take the variable information on your laptop and convert it to the physical labels and tags hanging in a department store on the other side of the world.

How vital are barcodes and variable data?

Virtually every product requires unique identification to differentiate it from similar items. These unique characteristics, such as size, style, and barcode, are crucial in tracking distribution, managing inventory and ensuring compliance with Point-of-Sale systems.

Every garment, style, and size must be meticulously tracked and identified throughout its lifecycle, from production to sale. With our customised solutions, apparel manufacturers can rest assured that their product-specific information is accurately and securely managed throughout the supply chain.

seller scanning and reading barcode from clothes using barcode solutions scannerCustomised barcode solutions tailored to your exact needs

We understand that every apparel manufacturer has unique requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of base products that can be customised for your business, guaranteeing the best performance and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you need paper-based self-adhesive labels, synthetic-based tags, or printed wooden swing tags, we have you covered. Our experienced team will work closely with you to define the print location of each variable data piece, confirm barcode symbology, and ensure the correct substrate and finishing requirements are met.

We deliver the best through sophisticated systems

Our system is unique in the apparel world. It covers the entire barcode process from start to finish, including what your business is selling, your goal, and how your data is generated.

Agility and flexibility

Unlike some providers who enforce rigid structures and processes, we pride ourselves on our system’s agility and flexibility. We understand that every client is unique, and we adapt our solutions to meet your specific needs, not the other way around. Whether you require thermal transfer labels, swing tags, or care and content labels, we have the expertise and capabilities to deliver.

Accuracy and efficiency

We take great pride in our sophisticated systems, ensuring accuracy, security, and uniformity throughout printing.

From the moment data is generated to the final printing stage, our systems guarantee that all information is sent to the exact printer and printed on the correct tag. We only send the required information to the factory, minimising the risk that the wrong information will be put on the tags. The printer can’t print the wrong thing if there’s nothing else to print!

This level of precision enhances efficiency and minimises the risk of errors that could take months to fix and cost a lot of money, time, and effort.

Minimising costs by eliminating mistakes

Accuracy is everything when it comes to barcodes and variable tags. A single piece of incorrect data, such as an inaccurate size, can lead to significant repercussions, from disruptions in retail operations to extra work for store staff.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that the printing system accurately matches every garment’s information. Lines of code are sent to the exact printer that prints on the proper tag, minimising the risk of errors and costly downstream consequences.

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Never too small to use barcodes

Perhaps you’re under the impression that your business is too modest to warrant the implementation of barcodes, but we’re here to tell you you’re not.

Planning is critical, regardless of your current scale.

While your inventory might be limited, envision the future growth trajectory. Isn’t it prudent to establish a robust system capable of accommodating expansion rather than scrambling to address issues when they inevitably arise?

Prevention is better than cure, and by instituting a barcode system today, you’re laying the groundwork for streamlined operations in the future and mitigating any potential headaches that may arise as your business flourishes.

A barcode system will also make you look more professional, even if you’re a one-man show.

Nothing screams amateur like working things out on a pen and paper in front of a client, but simply scanning an item for whatever information you need shows that you know what you’re doing as a company and gives confidence to clients and customers.

We’ll handle your barcodes

When it comes to barcodes and variable data tags, we offer two advantages: the ability to print on a wide range of media and the sophistication of our systems.

immago is the perfect partner for apparel manufacturers seeking barcode and variable data tag solutions.

Our customised offerings, sophisticated systems, and commitment to accuracy and efficiency help our clients streamline operations, enhance supply chain visibility, and achieve retail success.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and discover how we can handle all your barcode problems, making life easier for everyone.