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Brand imagery depends on consistency and quality

Branded clothing labels

Brand imagery depends on consistency and quality

There is a saying “sometimes small things have big meanings” and this is particularly fitting when applied togarment tags. Tags are designed and created to reflect the quality of a product and as such they carry, contained within their small confines the essence and delivery of brand imagery.

With a big meaning carried on a small platform, it is increasingly important for clothing manufacturers to get the brand imagery of garment tags ‘just right’ and achieving this requires expertise.

That’s where Image Label Systems is able to deliver expert advice and garment tag options to create distinctive labels that deliver on brand imagery.

We compiled a series of questions geared at delivering expert guidance and a greater understanding of tag importance in the garment production process.

Executives at Image Label Systems fill us in on retail branding and how labels and tags reflect and promote brand imagery.

How important are labels and tags in brand imagery?

Regardless of the type of tag or label you apply to your garment, the presence and delivery of brand imagery will be inherent within it. However, there are qualities and benefits that vary dependent on the tag or label you choose and are based primarily on location or durability.

care label

  • Woven labels hold a unique degree of authority; they carry the brand imagery for the life of the garment, so are an important element in the promotion of brand awareness. Sewn inside the garment, a woven label acts as a constant display of your brand’s signature. It is the main reference point on a garment, the place people universally know to go to for brand, size and care instructions
  • Swing tags are removed before the buyer wears the item for the first time
  • Printed brand labels and transfers, while designed to stay on the garment will fade and wear off over time

Regardless of the tag chosen there is one running theme amongst them all and that is consistency.

The brands that Image Label Systems work with demand consistency no matter where in the world the product is manufactured and/or sold. Consistency is hugely important and labels must deliver on this.

To ensure consistency and quality, Image Label Systems deliver a final label as created in the collaboration process that will be manufactured to exacting quality international standards, that ensures consistency across multiple supply chains and locations. Brand identity is always top of mind, respected, presented and consistent no matter where the final point of sale may be.

Are garment tags generally an integrated part of the garment making process?

Yes. If we take the example of men’s shirt we can see how integrated it actually is. With men’s shirts the neck panel is made first and the very second step in the process is to sew in the woven label, the remainder of the shirt is then finished and additional tags like hang tags with pricing and other information are added in the final stages.

tailor cutting cloth

woven label, for its integration, must be of high quality construction and deliver a comfort based finish. An uncomfortable, itchy or scratchy label is a nuisance, and some consumers may remove it. Image Label Systems create woven labels that are of the highest finish and construction so as to avoid the ‘itchy feeling’. Additionally, woven labels are designed to be more easily and readily sewn into garments.

How important is the use of language in garment tags?

Labels are becoming more multilingual, in part due to the diversified production process – design in one country, manufacturing in another and distribution in many. At Image Labels we recognise this growing, globalisation trend along with the fact that multi-language labels must translate perfectly to provide a consistent message.

Translation errors can be detrimental to a brand’s image. Washing instructions for example must translate perfectly, if they don’t, brand image could become tarnished. Image based instructional labels can ease language variations, with a growing global recognition of certain images representing certain things.

At Image Label Systems we recognise the importance of language translation and work with the language or image based requirements of the various and globally diverse companies we work with.

What ranks as the most important attribute of a good garment tag?

Based on the needs of the brands we work with we would say – consistency and quality.

brand awareness

Consistent branding across all channels and unique garment labels are hugely importance to a brand’s image. This is nowhere more evident than in the trend for some consumers to purchase primarily based on brand name and brand recognition.

A low quality label, on a high quality garment, can negatively affect the overall perception of the brand and potentially diminish its value. A badly created label is noticeable for its bad construction, while on the other hand a high quality hang tag will allow consumers to easily recognise and find their favourite brands and then within the same tag find their size and the products price.

How important is collaboration and a sense of partnership?

Image Label Systems works with a diverse range of international manufacturers. From Mossimo, to Dion Lee for Target, we operate as a global business with an integrated supply network across 90% of Australasia’s apparel sourcing regions.

global collaboration

We provide label and packaging solutions throughout Asia Pacific, with joint ventures in the US, and our Euro Zone partners. We work with a wide range of businesses, from the small ’boutique’ through to major international brand names.

For us and the partnerships we create, there are fundamental and core processes inherent in all that we do and include:

  • Innovative and flexible business solutions
  • Creative product design
  • A business model that combines ‘on the ground’ control of a global player with the entrepreneurial culture and flexibility of a smaller enterprise
  • Collaboration at all points along the idea, prototype and final product delivery lines

We recognise the importance of flexibility, collaboration and communication when delivering label and tag solutions for your brand focused garments. With brand identity being of huge importance, you can feel confident in our understanding of what that means and what value that carries for your brands success.

For more information on how we can deliver a successful end product for you and promote your brand identity, visit our website.