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How to maintain brand loyalty with a custom design logo

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How to maintain brand loyalty with a custom design logo

Before you even start the process of designing a business card, or choosing colours, graphics or a symbol for your brand, you need a logo. Your logo forms the basis for all your other branding, packaging and promotional material.

How your logo conveys brand recognition

Your logo should replicate the overall image you want your brand to convey, as it directly impacts the recognition of your products to your customers. Your customers will form perceptions about brands and this can affect their interaction with your brand, whether that be positive or negative. And perceptions can often relate to the way your customers feel about using your products.

Think of Nike for example, their customers are more likely to have positive feelings towards their brand that goes beyond the value of the shoes. This is due to their custom designed logo and a strong brand identity.

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We could argue nature vs. nurture (or maybe not…) but instead we’ll focus on more relevant things – like how to make your logo look good on custom labels.

How does an effective logo creates opportunities for your brand?

In our opinion, there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” logos because that suggests subjectivity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that’s why we think a better way to critique a logo is to see whether it’s effective or not.

An effective logo is essential in today’s business world because it communicates immediately to your customer, your brand’s identity.

Studies have shown that the customer’s buying decision happens in mere seconds and if you’re attracting new customers, how are they supposed to know that your product works?

Or you have award winning 24/7 customer service?

A customer might go to your company’s website, check out the blog, or see other customers’ rave reviews, but people are busy and easily distracted.

So ask yourself, ‘Is my logo effective?’

Simple doesn’t mean boring!

Simple can be quite beautiful and beautiful logos are usually simple.

Simplifying your logo is more likely to attract and keep the viewer’s attention rather than having a busy design. A way to simplify your design is to take out unnecessary elements like too many shapes or repetitive information. Even reducing your colour scheme to only two or three colours and changing the typeface, can quickly and easily simplify your logo.

Do you want people to connect your brand to your logo? Then you need to make your logo memorable.

If I said McDonald’s or Nike to you, what pops in your head?


Golden arches and of course – a swoosh!

An easily recognised logo ensures brand consistency

A recognizable logo beats a beautifully designed unknown logo any day.

Although creating a memorable logo is easier said than done, there’s plenty of ways to make your logo stand out, like using an unusual shape, vibrant colours, or an object.

Keeping up with trends is good for business but not so much for your logo. Regularly changing your logo will not only confuse customers, but it also suggests that the company doesn’t know who they are… and that’s disruptive for your brand.

A simple logo will have a more timeless look than a logo with a bunch of flashy elements.

However, sometimes a logo needs to be redesigned if the company is re-branding itself, the logo is too complicated, or the logo doesn’t reflect what the business does.

How versatile your logo is can make your life easy or hard. An effective logo is able to work across different mediums and applications.

Some questions to think about when examining your logo’s versatility:

  • how does the logo look in black and white (and in colour)?
  • is it recognizable on a large or small scale?
  • would the logo on my custom labels attract people?
  • how can I make my logo appropriate for my brand, so my customers don’t walk away, without remembering who I am, or what I do?

Defining what is “appropriate” can be hard, but if your brand is youthful and fun or cutting edge and practical, then your logo should reflect those qualities.

You don’t need to show what you sell or offer (in fact most businesses don’t) but the design, graphics, type, and colour should affect your logo’s intended message.

Does your logo accurately represent your brand?

A couple of ways to determine if your logo is appropriate, is to examine whether your logo symbolizes your brand and if it’s suitable for your industry.

Busy or overly designed logos can make printing of the logo an obstacle, especially on labels because of its limited space. Bad fonts and too much information can also be distracting to the viewer and turn customers off.

Instead, aim for a more timeless aesthetic that will take your logo through the decades.

Even if you have a sense of how you want your logo to represent your brand, it’s wise to consult with a professional. Why? Because they know whether a logo design will transfer well into your labels and packaging. Your logo is the foundation for positioning your brand’s identity, so this is one area where spending time to get it right, really pays off later.

A custom design can influence buyer decision

One of the great things about custom labels is that you can personalize them to best showcase your logo.

By having an effective logo on a high quality label, you will be more likely to attract attention and influence the customer’s purchase decision.

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Custom labels allow you the freedom to pick and choose the material, printing technique, size, application, placement and more, to develop the label that is most effective for your business.

A logo can move your business forward, but an attractive logo on a personalized custom label will take you even further.

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We deliver cost effective solutions that specialise in communicating the consistent representation of your brand imagery.

Contact u now to see how we can work with you to develop a custom design logo that delivers brand recognition, to effectively attract your target customers and stand out!