4 ways your business can help environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

4 ways your business can help environmental sustainability

It’s not just consumers who are getting younger, it’s the workforce too. 

The Baby Boomers and even some of the earliest Generation X are retiring, and those jobs are being passed onto Millennials and Gen Z

And while there are plenty of differences between the generations, one of the biggest issues is their respective views on the environment.

Companies hoping to attract 20 and 30 year-olds will find they need to focus on environmental sustainability, and genuinely adopt sustainable business practices, if they are to survive in the coming years as demographics change.

Embrace renewable technology

Renewable technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds recently, and with governments around the world setting targets for the future, green tech is only going to grow exponentially.

Granted, traditional fossil fuels are still cheaper, but only for the moment, with the tipping point expected in around five years from now.

There are plenty of ways businesses can improve their green credentials, as solar and wind technology become more affordable and accessible.

Some companies are looking to their rooftops for inspiration, with green rooftops helping to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, as well as helping to remove air particulates, as well as produce oxygen and provide shade.

Paper and plastic recycling

Go plastic and go paperless

Who even uses paper in this day and age? 

Well, it turns out, pretty much everyone

A recent study found that it was the older employees at the top of the chain which used paper more, a trend which younger employees found unsettling and unnecessary. 

And it’s not surprising, with 45% of the paper in an office having a lifespan of less than a day, resulting in the use of over a trillion pieces of paper per year around the world.

In this modern digital era, there’s really no need to print out emails and documents. Most of our work is done on a screen and should stay that way. It’s not difficult for a company to become paperless.

Although it is slightly harder to become plastic-free, there has been a change in the zeitgeist recently regarding plastics, especially the manufacture of single-use plastics like drinking straws.  

One way in which a company can help environmental sustainability when it comes to plastics is to provide filtered water and reusable water bottles for their employees.

With plastic water bottles taking hundreds of years to completely decompose, it’s a better idea to give each new employee a reusable cup/bottle on their first day.

Cut down on energy wastage

The obvious way to reduce energy costs is to produce your own energy, but even then, wasting energy is costing global business billions of dollars a year. 

Computers are the main culprit, burning through electricity all day, with many being left on overnight. 

Even a computer left on standby can use a surprising amount of energy, so by simply turning everything off in the office once the working day is done, you can help the environment – and your overheads.

Lights are also a great way to conserve energy, not only by turning them off when they’re not needed but by switching to energy-saving bulbs. 

By switching from incandescent bulbs to LED energy saving ones, you can save up to 90% on your power bills.

Change the company culture

Even the smallest changes in your company can help with environmental sustainability, but only if your employees get onboard. 

Simply insisting that your staff turn off their computers at the end of the day, use less water, or recycle their waste, will create a change in their attitude, and eventually the company culture.

Encouraging your employees to “think green” can also help them take their new attitudes back home, spreading the news to family and home life.

You can also help by allowing people to work from home more often, or encouraging green commuting, like riding a bicycle to work, helping to cut down on your company’s carbon footprint.

Office recycling

We can help with environmental sustainability

Promoting your business as green will likely boost your reputation, both with potential employees and customers.

But more importantly than that, big changes need to be made if we are to stop climate change.

Little things like turning off the lights don’t seem like much, but together, they all add up to something bigger.

The world is changing, literally and figuratively.

Businesses are reacting to this change, with environmental sustainability becoming a core component of their brand.

Conservationism, recycling, going green… these aren’t simply marketing buzzwords. They are a change in our culture and one which is gaining momentum.

The younger generations are more attuned to environmental issues, and as such, know which companies are making real efforts to cut down on their carbon footprint and help the planet.

To help your business promote environmental sustainability within the scope of your label and packaging requirements, contact us today

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