Capturing attention without the car crash

Car crash on side of the road

Capturing attention without the car crash

Standing out in the crowd and capturing attention is often daunting, especially in a saturated, fast-paced environment like the internet. Every day, businesses strive to engage their target audience on social media platforms, investing time and effort into creating content that will convert leads into loyal customers.

But here’s the problem: more often than not, despite our best efforts, our content gets lost in the digital noise. So why is this?

It’s because we don’t promote car crashes.

The car crash analogy

Have you ever been stuck in traffic on the highway or freeway, knowing there’s an accident ahead?

The anticipation builds as you inch closer to the scene, and as you pass the accident site, you notice something remarkable. Every driver is slowing down, and many have their phones out, capturing images of the wreckage. It’s a morbid curiosity that captures our attention, albeit momentarily.

The “car crash” analogy in marketing suggests that, much like drivers on the highway, online audiences are often drawn to something attention-grabbing or unexpected. In a world inundated with content, sometimes it takes a metaphorical car crash – something out of the ordinary and unpleasant – to make people pause and take notice.

Why do we stop for car accidents?

It all comes down to something called negativity bias, which means we will stare at something negative longer than at something positive.

This bias is something we all have, something that’s intrinsic to humans.

Studies have shown that 10-week-old babies will stare at an angry face longer than a smiley one. It’s why we will slow down to look at a car crash but not at the flowers on the other side of the road.

Social media algorithms are designed to show us this kind of thing because it keep our attention longer. While this works for marketing purposes, it is devastating for society in general, so we don’t do it.

Girl with speech bubble capturing attention infront of pink wall

Capturing attention without the crash

So, the question is: why don’t we employ the “car crash” effect when targeting potential clients?

In other words, shouldn’t we use eye-catching or unusual images to entice potential clients to engage with our content?

After all, it’s a well-known marketing principle that sex sells, but we’re not in the business of selling sex.

We are selling packaging solutions, and we don’t want to resort to gimmicks to make you stop scrolling.

Our approach is different.

We believe in providing meaningful content that adds value to your day.

We want you to slow down and look closer when you see our blog posts, not because of a disturbing image but because the content is valuable and informative.

The key to engagement: meaningful content

We aim to capture your attention through insightful, relevant and valuable content. We want to engage you not with a shock factor but with genuine information and solutions that matter to you.

Our commitment is to rise above the noise in a world filled with sensationalism and clickbait. Creating content that genuinely addresses your needs is the most effective way to engage. We’re here to provide packaging solutions, and our mission is to ensure that you know us for our expertise, not for marketing tricks.

Please slow down and get to know us

The “car crash” effect may garner attention in digital marketing, but it often lacks substance. It’s a fleeting moment that doesn’t lead to meaningful engagement. We choose a different path.

Our goal is simple: we want you to slow down when you see our content.

We want you to stop and engage because what we offer is meaningful and relevant to your needs. We’re here to provide packaging solutions, and we’re passionate about doing it in a way that truly adds value to your business.

So, the next time you come across one of our blog posts or social media updates, we hope you won’t need a car crash to capture your interest. Instead, we want you to see the value in our content and to know that we’re here to provide solutions that matter to you.

Our packaging says everything about us

Exceptional packaging serves two primary purposes: fostering brand recognition and safeguarding your product.

Your packaging is the first interaction your business has with the public. It helps convey your brand’s identity, quality and reputation. It’s important because no matter how good your product is if the packaging looks cheap, the product will be perceived as cheap.

However, outstanding retail packaging and design encompass more than just visual appeal.

Purposeful packaging should possess a delicate balance; it must be lightweight for ease of transportation while maintaining robustness to endure the rigours of the journey.

The configuration of your packaging is not to be underestimated. Irregularly shaped packaging can pose storage challenges and difficulties when stacked on shelves.

And then there’s the ecological footprint to consider.

If your brand proclaims a solid commitment to environmental sustainability yet employs non-recyclable materials in your packaging, you decrease your chances of success right at the starting line.

These considerations warrant your attention when you contemplate your packaging strategies, and they all happen to be areas in which we boast extensive expertise.

Contact us today if you want to know how we can help you with brand packaging without the need for a car crash.