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Why care and content clothing labels are essential to your brand

Woven clothing care labels

Why care and content clothing labels are essential to your brand

Care and content labels were traditionally used as a way to commnicate basic information of the composition of fabric and care instructions. In today’s marketplace retailers and merchants use them for a much wider variety of applications that include compliance for industry standards.

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Most textile and apparel items sold at any retail outlets are required to carry information about an items’ fabric content along with the ongoing care of the fabric after purchase.

This information provides the customer with details on how to care for their garment and any specific details that are required. The labels also advise on how to properly clean the garments, how to avoid damage such as dyes running and if hand washing is cruical to maxmise the life of the garment.

What do we do?

Here at Image Label Systems we provide expert advice on the care and content information required to be communicated, including the industry standard symbols and instructions.

We design and manufacture label solutions that communicate the care and content information and offer the full range of label media alternatives.

What are the label media alternatives?

We offer a full range of label media options, and work with you to achieve what works for your brand and your budget.

The four most common options are fabric labels, woven labels, adhesive labels and polymer labels.

Printed fabric labels

Printed fabric labels are the most cost effective option.  We design and print fabric care and content labels in our network of print bureaus, ensuring a low cost, fast turnaround solution. These labels are designed to communicate important information about the style, item code and care instructions of the garment..

We offer a range of soft, durable fabrics, all wash tested to strict international standards to maximise the life of label readability.

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Woven Labels

Woven labels represent a ‘traditional’ look, and have the advantage of durability where the fabric is to be exposed to more ‘aggressive’ or frequent washing or laundering.

They also add a feeling of luxury which gives an aesthetic appeal to your garments and they can be produced in a range of qualities for all budgets. Woven labels are an excellent way to convey the quality of a garment and create a point of difference for brand identification.

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Adhesive Labels

For applications where it is desirable to remove the label before use, or for application outside of normal textile product construction capabilities, adhesive labels provide an excellent alternative.

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We provide high quality, long life, embossed Polymer labels.  These labels are ideal for adventure wear, or any application involving exposure to harsh conditions or environments.

Polymer Labels

Care and content labels are testimony to the fact that labels are not only important for branding your products, but are extremely valuable for both buyer and seller information.

There is no substitute for top quality labelling and good design. At Image Label Systems we work with small and large businesses and recognise the importance of care and content communication as an essential part of delivering a successful end product.

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