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I need clothing labels for my apparel range…where to start?

Clothing label solutions

I need clothing labels for my apparel range…where to start?

Developing the right label solution for your apparel range begins with a conversation with your local Image Label Systems office.

We take the time to listen to your brand values and aspirations, and work with you to develop a solution that best fits your brand identity and your budget.

Image Label Solutions

We will walk you through the various label, tag and packaging solutions available, and the aesthetic and functional elements of each, including:

– communicating your brand values
– displaying item specific variable data, such as bar codes, that will be required for retail compliancy
– displaying care and content information
– integrating RFID and other anti-theft devices that may be required

Once this initial brief is completed, we will work with you to develop the best product designs to suit your specific requirements.

There are many different ways to display your brand imagery on your apparel.

Woven labels

Woven Labels

The most common brand label is a woven label that is sewn into the neck of the garment. We call woven labels an “enduring signature” because they connect the customer with your brand identity for the lifetime of your product.

Woven labels are not only a part of the garment throughout its life (unlike swing tags – which are removed before the first wear, or printed labels and transfers – which fade or wear off over time), their durability also ensures that your brand is represented in a quality presentation for a long time after the garment is purchased.

If you chose to use a woven label, we will walk you through the various elements that make a woven label special.

We begin by showing you examples of the different weave structures available. We show you the latest trends in woven labels, which are moving towards a high quality yet ‘minimalist’ design approach, incorporating soft, natural shades, clean lines of content and high definition (low denier) yarns, into a gentle and understated design.

We explain the different finishes that you can use and give you advice on the best solution for your particular requirements.

And finally, we match the colour requirements of your brand imagery to the latest yarn shades available.

Swing tags

Swing Tags

The next main item for your range are your swing tags.

Swing tags are another key to the presentation of your brand imagery, but there are a large number of options that can make choosing the right format confusing.

We begin by working with you to develop artwork (if you don’t already have some) that reflects your brand values and the information you need to communicate. We also provide advice on retail compliancy requirements for attachment to garments and for any variable point-of-sale information that the swing tag needs to carry.

We show you samples of the various options available in board types, thicknesses, and surface patterning, and best advise you on what is appropriate for the imagery you wish to communicate. We will also provide advice on the available finishing options, including die-cutting, eye-letting and stringing.

One of the most challenging aspects of swing tag design is the incorporation of variable point-of-sale information. This is the item specific information that is required by virtually all retailers that needs to be displayed on product labelling, and includes unique information such as barcode, pricing, sizing, colour etc.

We can provide specialist advice on the variable information your apparel will need to carry for point-of-sale and design and implement solutions, that will capture this information and present it to your labels or tags as appropriate.[/vc_column_text]

RFID and other anti-theft devices

RFID And Source Tagging

We also work with you to establish any requirement you may have for integrating RFID and other anti-theft devices into your labelling. We then develop solutions that deliver these to your product labelling, seamlessly and cost effectively.

In addition to these items most garments are required to carry care instructions and fabric content information.

Care & Content labels

Care And Content Labels

These are most commonly carried on what are called care & content labels.

Care & Content labels are available in a range of different material formats, and we provide advice on the format most suitable for your particular garment construction and style.

We can design the label, including recommending the correct compliance instructions and care symbols. We are able to deliver your care and content labels in a range of substrates, including fabric, woven and self-adhesive materials.

Specialty products

Specialty Products

In addition to these traditional products, we will also introduce you to the wide range of other specialty products that can further compliment your branding.

Our recommendations are always based on an understanding of your business and your brand objectives, and alternatives can include belt loops, pocket talkers, printed ribbon and tapes.

Developing your label range is what we do best;  we make things simple for you and deliver solutions that communicate your brand values, and meet your retail and other mandatory compliance requirements.

Let us help you get started with a label solution to suit your needs.

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