Why more and more clothing companies are going carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral in the sand

Why more and more clothing companies are going carbon neutral

Fashion giants Gucci announced recently that the brand will be going carbon neutral, but what does that mean?

Should more companies follow suit?

And will it make a difference to the environment?

What does carbon neutral mean?

Almost everything we do produces carbon (even breathing!), and the more carbon we pump into the atmosphere, the more the effects of global warming are felt.

We first started to pump carbon into the air during the industrial revolution, once we figured out how to make machines do the work of a hundred men.

Things escalated from there, and once the motor was invented and everyone started driving, then things really started to get out of hand.

Unfortunately, over the past couple of centuries, all that carbon has built up and is acting as a blanket on top of us, trapping in the heat and warming the planet up.

Going carbon neutral means having zero net carbon emissions, or, in a nutshell, calculating your carbon emissions and then off-setting them.

There are different ways to off-set your carbon footprint, for example planting new trees, which large companies do by the thousand.

Carbon footprint

Will it make a difference?

Well, that part is still up for debate.

Going carbon neutral doesn’t mean you’re no longer emitting carbon; it just means that you balance your emissions out.

The carbon you produce is still going into the atmosphere.

Many people would argue that you’re not saving the planet, but simply not adding to the problem.

Others would argue that you are still adding to the problem, and going carbon neutral is nothing more than an ego trip.

The carbon you created is still going into the atmosphere, no many how many trees you plant.

Why the Fashion industry needs to change

The model the fashion and apparel industry is based on is unsustainable.

The statistics in modern fashion are shocking!

Presently, the industry accounts for around 12 billion tonnes of greenhouse gasses each year – that’s more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined, or about the same as Russia.

People are buying more clothes than ever before, and are only wearing them a few times before throwing them away.

Fast fashion has resulted in a staggering 85% of clothing being dumped into landfills, with most of these cheap fabrics either taking decades to decompose, or releasing methane as they do.

Some experts predict that the fashion industry could account for a quarter of global emissions by 2040 without an industry-wide plan to tackle the problem.

Which companies are pledging to go carbon neutral?

With environmental sustainability big on the list of consumer concerns, many companies are aiming to be carbon neutral within the next few years.

Big hitters like H&M Group, Adidas, and Levi all signed up to the United Nations’ charter outlining steps the global fashion sector must take to limit the global temperature increase below 2C.

The UN charter is aligned with the aims of the Paris Accord and outlines a plan towards carbon neutrality by 2050 – the date by which the UN believes it is possible to fully decarbonise the global fashion sector.

The charter was officially launched and founded by Stella McCartney, who is widely known for her efforts to make the fashion industry accountable when it comes to ethical practices and environmental sustainability.

Other big names signing up include Burberry, Gap, Hugo Boss, and Target.

Going carbon neutral is the first step

There are big changes ahead in the world of fashion and apparel.

Any businesses that don’t go with the flow of a more eco-conscious world are likely to fall behind and eventually fail as a business.

Going carbon neutral isn’t going to solve the problem, but it’s a first step towards it.

The younger generation take environmentalism very seriously and know which companies are honestly trying to help and which ones are pretending to be sustainable.

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