How coronavirus has affected everyone in the fashion world

Coronavirus and fashion

How coronavirus has affected everyone in the fashion world

The remarkable thing about the Coronavirus pandemic is how it has disrupted not just some people, but everyone’s lives throughout the world.

From the executives to the factory floor, everyone along the supply chain has had to deal with the effects of the virus.

The people you work with

Covid-19 has created global pandemic, affecting the lives of people in many ways.

Millions of people are now unemployed, or at least on shorter hours. In worst-case scenarios, tens of thousands of employees have been given redundancy packages.

We are lucky that our organizations are keeping us employed.

Their lives and families

Due to the lack of income and high rates of unemployment, people have started looking for make-do jobs to feed and support their families.

Families with only one breadwinner, especially lower-income families, have had their lives made more difficult as there are no jobs for them. People have moved back to their farms to do farming to keep things rolling. This has resulted in untold stress for many.

Older people and those with disabilities are not just struggling with greater health risks, but are also likely to be less capable of supporting themselves in isolation.

From everyone here at immago to the families and friends of those who have passed during from Covid-19, you have our deepest condolences. A special salute to the parents and families who are staying strong in this difficult time and keeping their families safe during this pandemic.

protecting granny from coronavirus

Social and economic disadvantages


The virus does not recognize international borders, nor the difference between rich and poor, powerful or powerless. Therefore social distancing is so important to reduce the spread of the disease.

People’s social lives have been put on pause.


This pandemic has cruelly exposed the deep fault lines in our labour markets.

Enterprises of all sizes have already stopped operations, cut working hours, and laid off staff.

Many are staggering on the brink of collapse as shops and restaurants close, flights and hotel bookings are cancelled, and businesses shift to remote working.

Often the first to lose their jobs are those whose employment was already precarious – sales clerks, waiters, kitchen staff, baggage handlers, and cleaners.

Due to social distancing, tourism industries, hotels and resorts have been affected, which has led to less economic growth.

How the fashion industry is reacting to Coronavirus

Like every industry, the fashion world is being hit hard by COVID-19.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a devastating toll on citizens worldwide, the garment and fashion industry is stepping up to help combat the spread of the virus.

For example, Nike and Puma are donating sneakers and shoes for Healthcare workers in the medical industry.

Everyone from independent designers to big-name fashion brands is producing personal protective equipment in response to the country’s critical shortage of medical supplies.

Due to unavailability of face mask and no importation due to flights, Fiji garments has stepped up to produce a protective washable face mask approved by the Ministry of Health for the general public.

In Fiji, a liquor company has come forward to work with medical teams to produce hand sanitizer to be used in hospitals and give away to the general public.

Another example is Louis Vuitton, the luxury label’s fashion workshops in France are producing thousands of non-surgical face masks to be donated to frontline healthcare workers.

There are many more fashion brands that are helping fight this Covid-19 virus, helping society and those most at risk.

The health and medical teams are very grateful that such concerned fashionistas and sanitizer makers have come forward to assist.

Coronavirus and the future

How designers value trust, reputation, and conversation

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are more accountable than ever as trust, reputation, and conversation become almost as important as price and convenience, growing focus towards e-commerce.

Shoppers and designers not only want to fulfil the orders and enquiries, but they want to build strong customer relationships.

We salute the parents, medical team, police, military, and government for their full support during these hard times and thank you to all the citizens who have listened and stayed indoors to save lives.

But while there are uncertain times ahead, the future of fashion isn’t all doom and gloom.

There is hope.

This is temporary, it will end.

Already, there are reasons to be optimistic.

With over 50 years in this business, we have seen a lot of global disruption, but we’re still here.

In fact, our particular business model has helped us survive COVID, and by doing so, we’ve helped our clients survive as well.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your business in a post-pandemic world, then contact us today and let’s talk about the future of fashion and your place in it.