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Why custom clothing labels are essential to your brand identity

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Why custom clothing labels are essential to your brand identity

Fashion operates in a global market and clothing labels are one of the essential branding tools critical to helping your brand stand out from the crowd. The type of label you choose to use, or the combination of labels you use, each hold their own unique benefits and as with anything there are downsides.

stand out from the crowd

Woven labels are sewn inside the garment just below the collar and act as a constant display of your brand’s signature. It is the main reference point on a garment that people universally know to go to for brand and often size and care instructions. For this reason they are a very important part of your overall marketing, brand awareness and garment branding.

What your brand needs: Durability to last the life of the garment

Woven labels hold a unique degree of authority; they carry the brand imagery for the life of the garment, so are an important element in the promotion of brand awareness. Swing tags in comparison, are removed before the buyer wears the item for the first time and printed brand labels and transfers, while designed to stay on the garment will fade and wear off over time.

Manufactured in much the same way as any fabric,  woven labels are created using weaving looms that integrate warp and weft yarns together from an electronic design or pattern.

what makes you unique

For their durability and quality, woven labels remain the option of choice when maintaining or promoting brand identity, and as an essential element of garment success, they are a tactile, enduring and visually attractive option. Available in a range of yarn shades and weave quality like satin, taffeta and damask, woven labels are finished to a high quality standard.

Making the Brand concept a reality

If you are considering woven labels as a means to promote your brand identity, Image Label Systems are capable of bringing your concept to life through a product development process that reflects our almost 40 year’s experience in manufacturing woven labels.

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Combine this with our desire to successfully blend design, creativity and product functionality together and it’s a time weathered, winning combination that’s hard to beat.

Developing the right label for your needs

Collaboration is key to what we do. It is equally applicable to the woven label process, which begins with identifying your graphic and functional needs and includes a focus on the appropriate yarn shades, weave quality and label finish.

The final product ‘brief’ is then illustrated in the form of finished artwork. This two dimensional representation shows what the label will look like and provides the basis for samples and prototypes.

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Once a final version is decided upon your woven labels will be manufactured to exacting quality standards, ensuring consistency across multiple supply runs and locations; brand identity is well respected and presented with consistency no matter where the final point of sale may be.

Minimalism has been a long recognised focus in  woven labels designs incorporating soft, natural shades, clean lines of content and high definition (low denier) yarns, into a gentle and understated design.

Due to the collar location of woven labels soft, subtle textures tend to work best and damask weaves deliver the feel better than any other and allows for more intricate detail and delivers a ‘high end’ impression.

At Image Label Systems, we work with businesses of all sizes in all locations.

We recognise the importance of flexibility, collaboration and communication when delivering a successful end product. When brand identity is encased in the product we create for you, you can feel confident in our understanding of what that means and what value that carries for your brand success.

For more information on how we can deliver a successful end product for you and promote your brand identity, visit our website.