Win customer loyalty with the ultimate custom branded packaging experience

Win customer loyalty with the ultimate custom branded packaging experience

How your product looks when it arrives can make a dramatic difference to how it makes your customer feel. And it’s this feeling, that creates brand loyalty.

If something arrives in a plain brown box, it’s just the same as everything else that arrives in a plain brown box. There’s nothing to suggest it didn’t come from the same warehouse in China.

Sometimes, by spending a bit more time and budget on packaging and design, you can create a feeling of surprise, humour, or sentimentality and brand loyalty.

A cheap brown box gets thrown into the recycling bin, a  well-designed or branded box gets put on the shelf or reused and is an indirect form of marketing.

There can be many elements of well-designed branded packaging. Strategically choosing just a few of these items below, can go a long way to create a better and more memorable experience for your customers.

Let’s take a look at some elements you may want to consider:


The biggest element to consider is the main shipping box. Traditionally, white and brown corrugated packaging options ruled the world as they were cheap, sturdy and got the job done. The shipping box represents the biggest opportunity to begin creating that ‘wow’ experience, but can also come at a high price.

Tissue Paper

Wrapping your products in tissue paper adds an extra level of mystery and excitement for the unboxing experience. Some options to consider using are custom printed tissue paper or coloured tissue paper.


A sticker can be used in several ways. If you use tissue paper, a branded sticker can be used to seal the tissue paper together, or it can also be used instead of custom (expensive) printing on your box as an option to brand it. Stickers are versatile and fairly inexpensive.

Promotional Material/Business Card

Business cards represent a very inexpensive way of adding small branded promo pieces to your package. For example, you can add a card that gives the recipient a discount on their next order or, consider adding an additional card that they can give to a friend for some extra word of mouth marketing.


Clear packaging tape right? These days you have some options of different coloured tape that can complement your custom packing and brand colours.

Costs of a branded packaging and unboxing experience

A major determent to a custom branded packaging experience can be the cost associated with it. These costs come in the form of both time and price. You will need to decide based on your average order size and profit margins, what you can and cannot afford, along with which options present the greatest value to your business and, most importantly, to your customers.

Custom boxes tend to have the most expensive costs associated with creating a custom branded unboxing experience. To have your own custom printed boxes, you can be looking at a minimum order of 500+ at a cost of $5-$25 per box.

In almost every case, the greater your order size for the various packaging materials, the cheaper the cost.

It’s wise to strategically plan which items to use and place larger orders to bring costs down.


Creating a memorable experience that leaves your customers delighted with an experience they will want to share, can help build your brand and be the competitive edge your business needs, not only to get repeat business, but also to attract new customers.

Contact us today if you have any questions about how we can help your business with customised packaging. Our friendly and helpful stall will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how we can make your packaging decision work for you.