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Fashion supply chain success story for a global business

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Fashion supply chain success story for a global business

Image Label Systems are a global business with an integrated supply network across 90% of Australasia’s apparel sourcing regions. Through our Asia Pacific footprint, our joint venture in the United States, and our Euro Zone partners, we provide label and packaging solutions to a wide range of businesses, from small ’boutique’ brands through to major international brands.

Our recent entry into the US market was a joint venture with New York company AP Concepts, who previously worked with a single supplier platform based in Hong Kong.  This brought together the local market knowledge of APC with the supply chain expertise and infrastructure of Image Label Systems to deliver great results for our US based customers.

Growing the supply chain

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A significant benefit of the collaboration is how the new partnership has enabled our business presence in the US market to grow.

Reputation and scale count for a lot, because size really does matter

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A reputable company is always a strong selling point and it has the pull and force to bring in bigger brands such as  Tommy Hilfiger. A company of this scale looks to partner with businesses of like or comparable force and scope, where the expectation is for a global player with a robust supply chain and enviable supplier relationships worldwide.

We can provide comprehensive labelling and branding services that cater in equal measure to small and medium businesses through to global brand giants like Tommy Hilfiger.

As the company grows we continue to engage and be involved with the bigger fashion industry brands, which is fitting, given that our US Business Manager Scott Fishman is based in the tri state area and close to the fashion capital of the World – New York City.

From this base Scott is able to recognise and take advantage of the unique variables that contribute to the powerhouse fashion and apparel industry of New York City. While New York is the undisputed fashion capital of the US, much of the garment manufacturing is performed offshore, in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries.

For customers who are ‘onshoring’ their manufacturing, our volumes of product movement make us highly competitive.

Our international scope, and our robust and efficient supply chain, deliver the best results wherever and whenever our customers choose to do business.

Collaboration and flexibility help to build strong and lasting relationships

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One of the prime benefits our customers associate us with is an innovative and flexible approach to garment labelling solutions. Not only do we provide creative product design, we deliver via a business model that combines ‘on the ground’ control of a global player with the entrepreneurial culture and flexibility of a smaller enterprise.

We pride ourselves on working with different types of customers to provide excellent turnaround times and competitive prices and we understand that no two businesses are the same. We see the garment production process as a collaboration, and work with you to meet your production timelines, at the same time delivering a consistently high quality product and customised solutions.

Our manufacturing partners are required to comply with high expectations of ethical standards, and meet leading industry quality systems and processes, ensuring you of compliance at all times.

In the same way that we build solutions of high quality and exceptionally strong branding, we look to replicate that same success in our business relationships. Our success is measured not only by the products we create, but by the relationships we build. Repeat business is a huge part of our success and ongoing growth – so nurturing and strengthening those ties are paramount.

If you are seeking a world class labelling partner, whether in the United States, Asia or the Pacific, Image Label Systems is capable of delivering a quality end product each and every time.

To find out more about how we can help you, contact our team today.