Fiji Fashion Week 2021 goes virtual! Plus a sneak peek!

Fiji fashion week 2021

Fiji Fashion Week 2021 goes virtual! Plus a sneak peek!

The pandemic might have changed the way we live, but it hasn’t stopped Fiji Fashion Week!

The show must go on as Fiji Fashion Week goes VIRTUAL!!!

FJFW Virtual will showcase the work of fifteen established and brightest emerging designers, screening from November 22 – 27 on Fiji One with simultaneous interactive digital events across a network of media partners and platforms.

Fiji Fashion Week goes virtual

Fiji fashion week and the virtual platforms will give designers a challenge to rethink how they will showcase their designs.

Virtual fashion shows are not new to the fashion industry. However, they were always an add-on to having a live show. Going all virtual will allow designers to use new resources to make sure viewers can get almost the same experience as being at the show physically.

The content becomes equally available to everybody. Virtual fashion shows will allow designers to create even more excessive practices through new technologies such as 3D design, body mapping, and image capture.

Time for new technologies and change – Fiji fashion week virtual!

Fiji fashion week virtual has been able to not just survive but to thrive outside of traditional media with the backing of our sponsors and our involvement with our media partners:

Fiji fashion week
FJFW/Asvin Singh

Fiji Fashion Week – a platform for glamour!

Fiji Fashion is more than just about fashion. It has opened the market of Fiji for local opportunities.

The virtual platform has brought different cultures together. The industry has nurtured and created jobs for models, makeup artists, hairdressers, performers and suppliers of goods and services additionally, local textile and manufacturing industries have benefited.

Fiji Fashion Week has grown itself significantly. This shows that the fashion industry cares about the pandemic and will go to any measure to stop spreading the virus.

Showcasing Fiji’s fashion designers!

Expect to be wowed by the work of Fiji’s fashion designers who have continued to create despite being in the midst of a pandemic and with restrictions in place. The best new fashion trends have been filmed at amazing locations that show the world Fiji is a safe paradise to travel to.

Here, we showcase two of the fifteen up-and-coming talented designers!


Harsha Harsmeetal

Harsha Harsmeetal is the founder of the fashion label ‘Harsha’. The label Harsha means Happiness which reflects the passion, joy, and love she puts into every design that she creates.

Fiji Fashion Week 2021

“I want everyone who wears the Harsha Label to feel good and look amazing. Clothes bring out the confidence and happiness within us and the Harsha Label aims to draw that out.”

In this year’s FFW, Harsha will be showcasing her first collection – Kaalpanik. Kaalpanik is a Sanskrit word that is translated as “Dreamy” in English.

“Kaalpanik reflects who I am, an artist who is making her dreams come true. I love the concept of FFW going virtual this year. It has become so convenient for the viewers especially in this pandemic as people can watch the show from the comfort of their own homes.”

Fiji Fashion Week

Robert Kennedy

A brilliant local designer Robert Kennedy showcases the upcoming glitz of his work for Fiji Fashion Week Virtual 2021.

“I am very excited about this year’s Fiji Fashion Week. We are having a virtual show for the first time and each designer is showing their new collections at different locations around Fiji. We shot our videos about 3 weeks ago.”

I chose my mother’s property, Myola, which is near Sigatoka to showcase my collection. In fact, my collection was inspired by the property with its spectacular cliff-top environment and luxury Villas.

Fiji fashion week

My Myola Mode Collection this year has five stunning new prints that derive inspiration, with a Fiji twist, from the Italian print masters of the early ’90s, Gianni Versace and Roberto Cavalli”.

“The men’s and women’s styles are pure Resort lifestyles with loose fits and high elegance. They are the perfect cocktail or evening party outfits for the upcoming Christmas party season.”

 Don’t miss out on this spectacular event!

To see more of Fiji’s talented fashion designers, tune into our virtual screenings from November 22 – 27 on Fiji One!

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