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The Georgia Alice clothing labels and branding story

Georgia Alice Woven Clothing Label

The Georgia Alice clothing labels and branding story

Social media has a unique way of bringing people together. As platforms, they allow us to connect, not only with those we know; but also with those who share a common area of interest.

This is how we came to collaborate with a recent client – Georgia Alice.

Christchurch born Georgia Alice Currie heads this growing brand with an enviable list of celebrity clients, endorsements and industry awards. A lot can be said about the good fortune of having celebrity clients like Solange Knowles, who wore a Georgia Alice dress to NYFW and a picture of Solange in that dress was later Instagramed by Beyoncé to an audience of millions.

Georgia Alice came to us when the brand was in search of a supplier of apparel branding products, specifically, labels, size labels, care labels, swing tags and button envelopes. Image Label Systems had been recommended as a possible supplier via Georgia Alice’s Instagram network.

Georgia Alice swing tags

Georgia Alice was in the process of selling into a market based on simple yet luxurious garments, with sales both online and in stores. Due to this focus on local and global markets, her apparel branding became unique with specific requests and specialised products.

At Image Label Systems we work with a broad base of businesses – some are new start-ups, others are well established and household brands. The way we approach each client is with an individual plan and process as each client’s needs differ greatly.

After initial concept meetings to determine requirements the development process begins.

What does the development process involve?

Typically, a range of pictures, samples of existing products and rough ideas are transformed into individualised conceptual artwork for the client, which is then tweaked and adjusted to obtain the finished design.

We finalise the development process by sampling with an aim to ensure the finished product is exactly as the client envisaged.

The sampling process is therefore a big part of what we do and something we recommend. It gives the client the ability to amend or alter their original designs prior to committing to full production.

It is this collaboration that ensures we are all on the same page.

Tight deadlines often feature throughout programme developments, with labels or trims regularly being one of the final considerations in a garment.

This means that we often operate within a very tight timeframe and this helps us to keep an understanding of our client’s own production timelines in front of mind. We are aware that if timelines waiver, we may put our clients garment programme, development or roll-out into jeopardy.

Keeping client needs at the forefront of our minds has always yielded positive results and Georgia Alice was no exception. The range produced looked fantastic and worked seamlessly in combination with the brand’s garments, to positively enhance and further grow this exceptional brand.

What’s unique about Georgia Alice?

Georgia Alice garment

Georgia Alice and the brand’s overall needs, encapsulated for us a range of elements including:

– rapid advances in communication methods and the power of social media
– the passion of a new business starter to succeed
– the need for a solid range of our general product offerings

The way we communicate with our clients is changing, but this is often dependent on their use and awareness of technology.

At present we are dealing with a number of new clients who are either just starting in business or are very new to it. Many are in their late teens or early 20’s and the use of social media is very significant and powerful with this group.

Testament to this is the large amount of communication that is moving away from traditional methods towards preferred platforms like Facebook and Instagram, backed up by email and phone if necessary.

We also have a proportion of our client base who don’t have or don’t want access to computers or the latest technology and we still transact business in some areas completely via the phone and fax.

This diversity of approach goes to illustrate our responsibility to understand our clients’ needs and to continue to make it as easy as possible to communicate with them – no matter what technology is used.

New Client – Development Process – End Result

The way we approach a new client account is through collaboration. The value we deliver begins at a conceptual level, progresses through to product design, followed by sampling and finally production.

Image Label Systems is a one stop shop for all branding and clients like Georgia Alice with a mixture of unique requirements, benefited from our broad range of offerings, our focus on collaboration and our results.

Georgia Alice swing tags

No matter what the need or how ‘out of the ordinary’ a request may seem, we will do everything we can to source that item or find a solution.

The approach may differ, but the intention remains the same

Our clients’ needs vary – some may require any one of our broad range of offerings, others may need something a little more unique.

This provides a challange for us to find a balance that delivers a consistently high standard across our offerings but also maintains the capacity to develop new products or methods as the need arises.

Additionally, we need to communicate the diversity and options available to all our clients. The best way to do this is by example and the success of brands like Georgia Alice reflects positively on the elements we deliver for them.

Georgia Alice denim

To find out more about our products and how we can help with your garment branding, please visit our website.