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Why hangtags are a powerful weapon in the garment industry

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Why hangtags are a powerful weapon in the garment industry

Hangtags are the labels attached to clothing which usually contain the basic information about the item. Size, price, brand… all this can be found on the hangtag. But what is now becoming more prevalent in the industry is the practice of using hangtags as another weapon in the battlefield of marketing.

Too often the branding of labels and tags is an afterthought.

Europe is leading the way when it comes to the utilization of tags.  Hangtags can help you and your brand in several different ways. From brand recognition through to increased website visits, taking the time and the effort to work your hangtags can reap massive rewards down the line.

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Stand out on the rack

Products, especially garments in crowded retail stores, can easily get lost on the racks. Having a distinctive hangtag that’s strategically attached to your product can make it stand out from the crowd. A distinctive logo, bright colourful designs, or even a strange and unique shape; these are all things which draw attention, and as a result, make your product stand out from the rest and help customers identify your product.

Help customers invest in your brand

By using a hangtag to share your brand’s unique story, you allow customers to become attached to your brand, and to foster a sense of loyalty. This is especially true in the case of eco-conscious, locally made, or one-of-a-kind pieces.

Explain your mission statement and fair trade policy on a hangtag, and this will allow customers to feel part of something bigger. People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and are happier to pay extra if there’s a good reason to, but they need to see that reason!

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Give easy access to care and pricing information

Presenting this information on the hangtag makes your brand feel more transparent and helps your customer make an informed purchase. Many of our clients’ pricing strategies account for cost of ethical materials and their own labour, making their products appear pricier than mass produced products in the same store.

Asking a fair price (alongside your brand’s story) can help educate customers on the true cost of consciously designed products. If there’s too much information for the space available, then a QR code will allow customers to go directly to a webpage, where you can explain in detail exactly what has gone into the product they are holding in their hands.

Promote your business

Think of a hangtag as a business card. Use it to not only sell the product it’s attached to, but to advertise your business at the same time. Print information on there that draws people to your website. Advertise your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use the hangtag to offer discounts on the customer’s next purchase. It’s an opportunity for promotion as well as simply communicating basic information.

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Advice on creating a hangtag

If you are an emerging designer and would like to create a hangtag that does more than simply give the size and price, then we have these suggestions:

Research other brands 

Look at other brands in your similar market space and assess what you like and don’t like about the branding.

The devil is in the details

Make sure that every detail of your hangtag is well thought out:  your typeface, brand colours, paper texture and method of attaching the hangtags must match your overall brand identity, and appeal to your target customer.

Grab their attention

You are competing in a sea of other apparel brands and you want to impact your customer immediately.

Logistics play a part

If you are wholesaling, make sure to leave space for the retailer to include their SKU and pricing information.

Remember the Goldie Locks rule

Not too much information, but just enough to make a memorable impression.

Use it for promotion

Include your website and social media usernames on the card, so customers can find you later. Maybe offer discounts or advertise specials.

First impressions count

If a package is expensive, there’s a perception that the garment is of a higher quality. If you go that extra mile with your hangtag, the customer will notice.

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Think outside the box

You can combine different materials, such as a woven label and a card. Show your uniqueness and add an extra eyelet, a gold diamante, or something special so your customers remember their purchase.

Whichever design you come up with for your hangtags, Image Label Systems can create them. We take the time to get to know your specific requirements and create solutions that work for you.

Product packaging is the face your brand presents to the world, so it always pays to put your best face forward.

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