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Iconic Kiwi brand Swanndri launches successful rebrand

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Iconic Kiwi brand Swanndri launches successful rebrand

]Image Label Systems have been a partner supplier with Swanndri for a number of years, providing a portion of their trims or woven labels range.

In October 2015 Image Label Systems embarked on a path of re-development to re-create the vast majority of trims for Swanndri’s much anticipated brand re-launch.

A strong history and iconic brand

With a history spanning more than 100 years in New Zealand, Swanndri is an Iconic New Zealand brand best known for the classic “Swannie” – widely known, loved and respected in outdoor workwear and outdoor adventure circles. Swanndri have been eager to build on this affinity people have for the brand, expand its presence and bolster its standing in the market. Due to the ‘swannies’ distinctive checkered look, the brand is easily recognised as a household name brand.

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A time of growth that brings change

Over recent years the company has expanded its offerings to a much broader range of workwear and outdoor adventure apparel (plus accessories). Swanndri has further expanded its market penetration via complementary partnerships with other iconic brands like Barkers Men’s Clothing and Toyota.

With nationwide distribution Swanndri is sold through a variety of outlets nationwide (including RD1, Placemakers, Yarntons, Gordons outdoor equipment, PGG Wrightson, Farmlands, The woolshed, NZ Safety and Ballantynes – as well as their own retail stores in Hamilton and Christchurch)

In close collaboration with Swanndri, Image Labels NZ initiated a process of developing the entire range of labels and trims for the company’s complete apparel rebrand.

Rebranding an icon can be tricky

This immense task started with the creation and provision of artwork along with the technical information required in order to physically create each and every product variant. This artwork was then translated into production specifications for each item and the subsequent creation of a sample set for every SKU and colour variation within the range.

For many of the lines, this involved sampling a number of different colour-ways to span the Swanndri range.

Hallmarks of a re-brand – many variables and a tight time frame

With extremely tight time frames in play destined to meet garment roll outs, the woven labels across the range were sampled first, whilst tooling and moulds were made for the many variations of swing tags along with metal and leather specialist products.

swanndri swing tags

The scope of our offerings were broad:  from traditional high definition damask woven labels to swing tags requiring variable data to be printed on, right through to metal zip pulls, leather patches, leather zip pulls, trouser rivets and lapel badges.

The range was broad and complex.

This breath of offering highlights Image Label System’s ability to combine the strength of our network to get label items into the supply chain as quickly as possible.

All aspects of the brand’s range had been re-developed, which involved a significant amount of work, from the inception of artwork, to tool and mould making, to sourcing appropriate substrates, to sampling and working with Swanndri for approvals and enhancements.

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Global accessibility

LabelNet – came in as what we termed phase 2 of the re-brand rollout.

For us, it was all about getting Swanndri products on the Image Label Systems proprietary online ordering system LabelNet.

LabelNet® hosts each customer’s label range in a secure web platform that is available to authorised users on a 24/7 basis.  It is the system that offers the broadest flexibility and level of simplicity for the global transaction of labels and trims.

Proud partners to Swanndri, we feel privileged to be part of an iconic New Zealand’s brand re-launch.

Swanndri is for many of us a symbol of rugged adventure:  kiwi bush holidays and general kiwi nostalgia. Paired with a black singlet there is little else short of a kiwi bach, kiwi beach or kiwi bird that speaks more of New Zealand – the land and people.

Having successfully delivered on the label and trim needs of Swanndri we look forward to the company’s growing success and ongoing adoration from the Kiwi public.

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If you are in the process of re-branding or building your brand from scratch we can assist.

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