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How does a labeling company earn their Scout badge?

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How does a labeling company earn their Scout badge?

It’s highly likely we all know someone within our family or network of friends who is involved with the Scouting movement, the scale of the network within not only New Zealand but globally, is significant and pleasingly still growing!

Did you know that Dan Carter was a Cub scout?

Immago (NZ) has proudly been aligned with Scouts as a partner and supplier on both a national level and group level for many years. What you might ask though, is what does a labelling company provide to scouts? The answer is simple… badges!

That’s right, we have been the provider of a significant range of badges for scouts over many years.

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Which badges do we make for the Scouts?

All of them! Event badges, official uniform badges, blanket badges and woggles to mention a few, and these come in an array of configurations including woven or embroidered badges and patches.

If you’ve ever seen a cub or a scout in your travels, they are synonymous with having uniforms (especially their sleeves), brimming with achievement badges and acknowledgements of their individual successes within Scouts – on the whole those badges are produced by the Image Label Systems network.

Whether it be our team dealing with Scout’s administrators to work out a nationally relevant badge or set of badges, or dealing with a localised group wanting to produce a memory of a special event in the form of a badge, we can and do get involved with it all.

Who designs the badges?

If you have taken any time to look at the badges on a cub or scouts uniform, you will see immediately the care and attention, not to mention the detail that goes into these badges.

The vast majority of these badges are designed by the Scouting Movement themselves and even better, these designs are often drafted up by the cub or scout themselves! Imagine the pride experienced when seeing their own design of a badge adorning the uniforms or blankets of each member of their group!

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The level of creativity with Scout badge designs is immense and ever evolving. Whilst we have the full services of a graphic designer within our network, more often than not the concept and base design comes to us already done.

This said though, we do offer a full service artwork design and creation facility – you can literally come to us with a pencil sketch with line drawings and a rough idea of the end result, and we will turn that into a useable artwork for a badge or patch.

As the technology available has improved vastly, so has the quality of the badges and the themes able to be produced on these badges. Predominantly structured as high definition woven badges, the detail which can be achieved these days is excellent. Images and designs portrayed are very clear and detailed, considering these are made predominantly via a weaving process.

Whilst we focus largely on HD Damask woven badges to give a nice clear image, we can also create embroidered badges too, this will give that slight raised effect on your design, making it slightly “pop out” from the badge.

Experience cuts through the hassle

Whilst some detail can present production challenges, we do have some tricks of the trade which will assist with producing that perfect badge.

Our long relationship with Scouts has allowed us to refine our processes extensively. This experience is invaluable to ensure accurate and timely provision of products to Scouts as a whole. From understanding the intricacies of national policies relative to size standardisation, defined colours for threads and also the themes looking to be achieved with a badge, this can only come from a close partnership and knowledge.

Groups have sourced badges on their own in the past, but more often than not they have reverted back to our network due to complexity.

The benefits of trying to source your own labels and badges are generally minimal, especially taking into account the hassle factor; the pure economics of the proposition are likely to impact on a successful project.

From years of experience and being located on the ground in core countries, our network takes away your worry. We have the experience and facilities already lined up to make the entire process easier, faster and cheaper.

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Call us for any badges you may need

Whilst Scouts provide one example of badges we make, similar requirements are made for the likes of St John who run a programme for young recruits to display their proficiency with a range of tasks, activities and challenges. Whilst this is for the youth section of the organisation, the badges and patches you often see on St John ambulance officer uniforms, are also provided through our network.

Whilst we have talked mostly about badges and patches, our services are much broader, encompassing all other aspects of label weaving, uniform epaulettes, swing tags, presentation boxes and packaging, along with an almost unlimited array of other branding options centred on apparel.

Do you know someone locally in Scouts or Girl Guides?  Send them a link to this article and maybe we can assist them too.

If you are not sure where to start for your badge or patch requirements, call us, we will guide you through the process from concept to uniform application.