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How LabelNet can provide a simple solution for your clothing labels


How LabelNet can provide a simple solution for your clothing labels

High quality brand labels are considered now, more than ever before essential, if you want to strengthen your brand, stand out in a crowded market place and give your business more exposure.

To ensure you achieve this your marketing strategy needs to incorporate top quality  product labels as one of the building blocks of your brand identity.

Most fashion brands have a large range of labels and accessories that are applied to their products at point of production.

Quality garments carry a brand label, swing ticket, care and content label, and variable data label. Trousers may carry a pocket ‘flasher’, leather patch, belt loops, etc. and  some garments will have specialty trims, such as branded ribbons, button bags etc.

Maintain the quality of your brand imagery

Most brands will source at least part of their product supply from overseas supply locations, particularly in the greater Asia region. This introduces a number of supply chain variables that have to be managed carefully, not just for product supply, but also for label sourcing, for example:

  • multiple vendors operating across multiple time zones
  • multiple vendors purchasing labels in multiple currencies
  • each customer and/or vendor requires different billing and payment methods


It is essential that the quality of the brand imagery, as reflected on your label products, is maintained and is consistent and compliant with corporate requirements.

This process becomes more difficult as the supply chain broadens and particularly as the supply chain becomes more international.  Managing this can be a real headache…

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Image Label Systems has the solution!

Contact us to see how we can help with your label and packaging solutions!

What is LabelNet®?

LabelNet® is a web-shop concept that has been developed to enable a seamless cataloguing and ordering experience for a customer’s garment label range.

LabelNet® hosts each customer’s label range in a secure web platform that is available to authorised users on a 24/7 basis.

LabelNet® has a powerful hierarchical structure that enables the system to display the full label range across user definable, rather than pre-defined, categories. This gives customers the flexibility to structure their label catalogue based on their own business model.[/vc_column_text]

LabelNet® provides simple solutions

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LabelNet® provides simple solutions

Each label is displayed within the on-line catalogue as a thumbnail image, along with all relevant information relating to the label.

The customer assigns security access to their approved employees and vendors.  Access can be assigned to all or part of the full catalogue, and is customisable.

Authorised users can then view the appropriate areas and order labels from the catalogue.  Users will only see information they have been authorised to view, including their specific currency and billing options.

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The system has a powerful but simple order management system that will direct the order to the appropriate Image Label Systems supply office based on the location of the desired point of delivery.

Reporting, supply and billing

All billing and supply arrangements are originated from LabelNet® seamlessly, based on the customer’s nominated billing methodology.

Customers can access reporting on order history by label and vendor.  They can then reconcile label order patterns with their garment manufacturing orders on vendors, to ensure vendors are using only the authorised label supplier, which in turn ensures consistency of representation of brand imagery.

Features of LabelNet®

We have designed LabelNet® with the following features paramount.

Flexibility – to cater for the full range of supply chain variables

Security  – to provide confidence to our customers

Ease of Use – to provide a seamless and simple experience for users

With LabelNet® you get  a professional designer appearance that you can’t afford to ignore.

LabelNet® is a first class service that satisfies our clients and delivers more than what they expect.