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How much will labels and packaging cost for my apparel range?


How much will labels and packaging cost for my apparel range?

Each customer’s labels are a unique development, with customised design, sizing and finish.  At Image Label Systems our objective is to deliver the very best ‘value equation’, based on each customer’s unique expectations.

That value equation is built up during a consultative product development process during which we combine our extensive industry knowledge with the customer’s product and market experience and ambitions.

I need some labels and packaging for my apparel range… how much will they cost?

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The answer to this does sound a little cliché – “it all depends”. However, label and packaging costs will differ based primarily on the size, weave type, label construction and finish.

Benefit Vs . Cost


Woven Labels

The cost of the main brand ‘ woven’ label is heavily dependent on the label’s size and construction.

There are a variety of ‘qualities’ available for a woven label, comprising the weave structure (e.g. satin, taffeta and damask) and the label definition (determined by the yarn density).

The label finish (end fold, loop fold, heat cut) will be impacted by the specific application, and again has an impact on cost.

Care & Content Labels

Care Label

Care labels are most often produced on nylon or polyester fabric.  These fabrics deliver an optimum combination of endurance and value.

Alternatively, premium solutions can include woven care labels, with the advantage of longer-term readability, and self-adhesive options – including iron-on, conventional pressure sensitive and PVC.

Swing Tags

Once again there are a wide range of construction options that impact on cost.

Swing Tags are available in a range of board weight (“GSM”) and thicknesses.  The best way to minimise cost is to use one of our standard board weights, but we also offer premium tags with heavier weight boards.

The design/graphic content portrayed on a swing tag will also affect cost, and we offer the full range from a basic single colour to high impact multicolour print solutions.  Also available are foiling and embossing effects that will add graphic value and cost.

Tags carry a range of finishing options, including die-cut shapes, eye-letting and stringing, and once again the individual customer preference will impact cost.

Badges & Patches

Woven badges and patches have similar cost parameters to woven labels, but also include a variety of backing and over-locking options.

The cost of non-woven badges and patches will be determined by the preferred substrate (e.g. silicon, natural and faux leather), and by the embossing technique.

Badges And Patches Label

RFID Solutions

A customer’s investment in RFID labelling will depend significantly on the chosen media integration solution and the EAS tag applicable.

Both woven label and swing tag media offers the opportunity to integrate branding with the EAS tag delivery and this will add value and cost to the solution.

Barcode & Variable Information Tags & Labelling

The delivery of variable retail compliant data to tags and labels is a relatively low cost process, with the specific cost determined by the chosen media.

We have found the most cost effective solution is one that delivers the variable information directly onto a customer’s swing tags or price tickets, eliminating the need for intermediary media such as self adhesive labels.

Using direct integration, we are able to combine a customer’s brand imagery with their variable informationin one simple tag.

Packaging For Apparel


Our packaging solutions are again custom designed and are therefore unique to each customer.

Cost is determined by pack size, volume, material and graphic content.

Packaging is a significant element of a brand’s product presentation investment, and there can be significant trade-offs between the value and premium options.  This places a higher value on the consultative process we deploy to arrive at the right solution for each customer.[/vc_column_text]

What it all means for you – customised solution

Every customer has a unique range of requirements for their labels, tags and packaging.  Because no two customers are the same, the consultation period we undertake is vital to establishing brand value and market placement, and accordingly the right value equation for your label range.

If considering label and packaging solutions for your apparel range there are a number of variables in determining the right solution for you and include:





Brand Imagery


For your own customised solution, Image Label systems will undertake a thorough consultation process to deliver you labels and packaging that are a perfect fit, which both enhances the aesthetics of your garments and aligns with brand value and market placement.