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More than just Barcodes

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More than just Barcodes

ATF Magazine Feature – May 2011

The use of item-specific information throughout the product supply chain has elevated variable data management from being simply an issue of retail compliance.

“Variable data is used to not only inform the retail customer, but the entire product supply chain” says Marshall. “Much of the work we do with brand owners and retailers is now around point-to-point solutions, where product is managed from point-of-production to point-of-sale.”

Marshall says its variable data solutions are now vital components of its customer’s product management and supply chain.

“We do much more than print barcodes.” Marshall says. “We provide tangible benefits through a managed solution that ensures data accuracy, achieves timely and cost effective supply, and protects brand integrity.”

“Our web based label management system, LabelNet®, uses Electronic Data Interface (EDI) technologies to manage customers’ variable product data seamlessly from their ERP systems to label and ticket media.” “And because our variable print facilities are situated on the doorsteps of our customers’ points of production, we can streamline the supply chain, reducing both costs and lead times.”

And it is here where Marshall returns to the issue of control. “Our priority is to add value to our customers supply chain. There isn’t room for building in additional costs, lead-times or subcontractor margins. Having our own print bureaus across Asia/Pacific means we control costs and delivery priorities”, which, says Marshall, is vital in such a competitive environment.

“We have programs with multinational brands where the turnaround from receipt of data to delivery of the label/ticket media is 48 hours. We achieve that on a consistent basis because we own the facilities; that’s the real difference.”