5 signs it’s time for new clothing labels

Clothing labels

5 signs it’s time for new clothing labels

We have talked before about how important labelling and packaging is for products and clothing labels. 

From a purely aesthetic point of view to subtle, psychological effects, the presentation of your product can sometimes be a deciding factor in the consumer’s decision whether or not to buy.

Effective and attractive labelling is an essential part of sales and marketing and should be given as much attention as any other areas of your business strategy.

Even if you think your current product packaging is good, everything becomes dated over time. 

A business needs its packaging updated for various reasons, and this is also true for clothing labels.

How to make a change in your packaging

A redesign of products or clothing labels doesn’t necessarily mean a complete branding overhaul.

It may be something as subtle as a change of colour, the fabric used, or the font.

Changing the look and feel of a package or label can be enough to give it a new life – but be warned!

Changing things too much can have an adverse effect on your sales, with customers walking away from a brand they don’t recognise.

Any changes must be made with thought and consideration, not simply because you want something different.

Christmas sweater with clothing label

Why companies might update their clothing labels

There are plenty of reasons why a company might change its packaging or labels, or even start over with their brand completely. 

A fresh start

One of the most common reasons a company changes its labelling is simply because it’s time for a change. Everything becomes outdated eventually, and what looked cool and fresh in the 1990s can look dated and boring today. 

There are some companies who can get away with the same logo for 100 years, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

Every business needs to change with the times, whether it’s their treatment of staff, adoption of environmental policies, or updating their packaging.

A special occasion

Packaging and clothing labels can also be changed temporarily to reflect or advertise special occasions. 

Think of special wrapping coming up to the festive period, or a company’s anniversary.

Fast food companies are constantly changing their packaging to promote the latest blockbuster movies, usually for their Kids Meals.

Changes in the law

Every industry changes as time passes and the textile and apparel industries are no different. 

New rules and regulations are constantly being changed or added, and what you can and can not have on clothing labels is also up for revision at any time.

New information about where garments are made, what they’re made from, and Health & Safety issues are constantly being updated.

These changes can be seen as an opportunity to make some new alterations to a company’s clothing labels.

Joining the Green Revolution

Currently, there is a global switch happening towards a more sustainable future.

With concepts such as circular fashion starting to take off, businesses are becoming more environmentally aware, and are letting their customers know about it.

Changing clothing labels to reaffirm the company’s commitment to sustainability boosts its reputation, not only with your customers but also with potential employees.  

Clothing labels should reflect your brand

Regulations, fashions, technology, designs… they all change over time. And so does your brand.

Your values and the core message of your company will change eventually if you’re around long enough, no matter how sound you think it is today.

As a business evolves, so should the message. 

Millennials find it difficult to relate to older brands which don’t seem to share their values. 

68% of millennials say creating change in the world is a personal goal that they actively pursue, while only 42% of baby boomers agree.

To change with the time, a company’s values need to change also, and packaging should reflect those changes.

Uimi clothing labels from immago

Clothing labels get noticed

Clothing labels are an often overlooked aspect of a textile or fashion business.

Consumers, the industry, and the law all take special notice of them, and if they contain incorrect or misleading information, it can lead to fines, not to mention damage to your brand’s reputation.

Keeping them up-to-date, fresh, and recognisable, is an important and difficult job, and we’re here to help.

With years of experience in every type of clothing label, from basic nylon printed to beautifully woven silk or cotton, we can work with you to help your business hit the right notes. 

Our global supply chain and contacts can help make your labels stand out, even if you need to change them up at short notice.

Contact us today if you think it’s time for new clothing labels, or if you have any questions about how we can help your business.