immago – the story behind our new brand

immago rebrand

immago – the story behind our new brand

We are excited to announce the rebranding of our company from Image Label Systems to immago!

The name Image Label Systems dates back to 1999, and over the last two decades, the brand has served us well.

But times have changed, and so have we.

As we have grown and matured, the name has ceased to reflect the true nature of the business, and we came to realise that there was a disconnect between what we were doing and what our name suggested.

business teamwork

Half a Century of success

Image Label System has accumulated more than 50 years of successful business – adapting, evolving and changing over this time to meet the demands of technology and our customers.

Our passion and commitment to our clients has given us the longevity and success necessary for a rich and diverse history, surviving some tough times, but always bouncing back to be at the front line of the industry.

We have worked hard to become a global business, starting as a small Australasian woven label manufacturer, and building a network reaching across the consuming and producing regions of the world.

With sources across the globe, and now offering a range of apparel solutions including RFID & source tagging, barcode & variable data labels, and custom branded retail packaging, we believe our story is one that now demands something more in the way we brand our business.

Team collaboration

Image Label Systems rebrand process

Once we decided to rebrand, we brought in our management team and began revisiting our ideals and values as a company.

It was decided we needed a new name, one which was more dynamic and fresh. Something that not only signalled the changes in our business, but accurately reflected who we are as a company and what we represent to our customers.

We wanted the name change to bring vitality across our global vision and set out to tell a story in a single word.

A new name that would speak to who we are as a business, but also provide a tangible link to the past we are so very proud of: immago.

Immago logo

immago is born

We chose the name immago for several reasons.

The word is from the Latin word for ‘image’, representing a strong link to our past, as well as a sign of what we still do as a business.

The word is also used in biology to refer to the ‘imaginal’ or ’emergent’ stage of the growth and development of life – the stage at which a living thing becomes mature – such as when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  This speaks of our maturity as a business, and the creativity we bring to the solutions we provide.

We also love the simplicity of the name.

What sets us apart as a business, and what is perhaps the key to our longevity, is simplicity.

We take some pretty complex problems and simplify them for our customers, never dictating what they should do, but rather working alongside to advise and direct.

Our business style allows us to work with companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to large international ventures, providing cost-effective solutions to industry problems.

Our experienced team work together seamlessly without a hierarchical structure, allowing our customers to deal directly with management, making the entire process an easy and enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Immago global business

The new immago website

The rebranding culminated with the launch of our new website, which was a huge undertaking in itself. When rebranding, consistency is important across all formats, including imagery, stationery, and content.

A new website, including updated email address, was designed and built to mirror our new name and ideals – accessible, easy to use, uncluttered, and simple, with clear and concise information for our visitor’s convenience.

We believe our clients and customers will care more about what we are now, than what we were in the past, and we want them to make the connection when they hear the word immago.

As we transition into the future, our new brand immago will move ahead as part of a bigger story, as we continue to create content and promote our new brand through social media to attract the recognition we think the name deserves.

We thank you for joining us on our journey so far, and we hope you stay with us for the exciting times ahead.