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How great product packaging conveys brand image


How great product packaging conveys brand image

Image Label Systems we offer comprehensive and cohesive retail packaging options. From conception through to completion our expert team are able to help you promote your brand’s value, both in-store and beyond.

Our extensive range of retail packaging options include:

  • unique carry bags
  • branded tissue papers
  • jewellery cards
  • hosiery wraps
  • custom designed cartons and much more


Put your best face forward

ripe fashion logo and bag

Because product packaging is the face your brand presents to the world, it pays to get it right first time up. How you do that will in-part depend on your brand’s ability to translate through product packaging and we can help you get that right.

We use a collaborative approach as we understand the unique complexities your brand faces and what’s needed is a supplier who is both flexible and agile.

Consistency across the range

made in italy label

There are a number of factors that come into play when organising your brand’s packaging. What ranks high in our clients’ list of non-compromising elements is a focus and brand-wide adherence to consistency of quality and brand value.

When you combine your packaging and label sourcing with Image Label Systems we will ensure consistency in the representation of your brand imagery across all your retail product lines.

Cost can translate into perceived value

Billabong label

Because of its initial impact, packaging becomes a significant part of your brand’s product presentation. It is not only an investment in the product itself but also in brand equity, and significant damage can be done to your brand if the value perception is lowered. The right packaging can help maintain and project the right image.

Cost also factors high in the list of packaging criteria and the amount you pay may reflect on quality and unknowingly impact on your brand placement in terms of low or high cost as reflected in brand perception – value brand or premium brand.  This association places a higher priority level on the consultative process to ensure we arrive at the right solution for you.

We work alongside you to achieve the very best combination of functionality and design, that keeps your packaging costs low without compromising quality.

Customised solutions

sale bags

Image Label Systems operates on the premise that every customer has a unique range of requirements for their labels, tags and packaging.  Because no two clients are the same, the consultation period we undertake is vital to establishing brand value and market placement. It’s about working together to get the right value equation for your label range.

Cost is always a factor and your final costs will be determined by a few variables – including pack size, volume, material and graphic content.

When considering label and packaging solutions for your apparel range there are a number of production elements which play a part in determining the right solution for you:

  • Size
  • Substrate
  • Quality
  • Construction
  • Brand Imagery
  • Volume


Because every business has different needs, a customised solution is the only way forward and at Image Label Systems that is one of the things we do best.  We will undertake a thorough consultation process to deliver labels and packaging that are a perfect fit.

Our goal is to enhance the aesthetics of your garments, while also aligning with brand value and market placement.

Call our team today and see how we can assist to get the collaborative underway.