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Why it’s important to put your brand first, not your products


Why it’s important to put your brand first, not your products

Branding is the backbone of your company. Without brand loyalty, your product is just another name on the shelf. Why would someone buy your product when there are numerous other products that do exactly the same thing?

It is inherent in our nature to pick a side – to choose a team. That’s what branding does for a company; it allows people to join a club; your club. And the more exclusive that club is, the more people will want to join.

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How branding works

Humans tend to remember something better if it makes them feel rather than think.

This is because the older, primitive part of your brain processes information faster than your conscious mind. You need to know if something is dangerous or not, before you consciously recognise what it is. This is why you react to a bang before you know a balloon has popped, or pull your hand away from a hot stove before you even realise what’s happened.

It is this feeling people associate with a product that makes them want to return to it again and again.

Apple are the undisputed masters of this.

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People will queue up for days before the launch of the latest iPhone to be one of the first to have it.

Why? It’s just a phone, they all do the same thing.

But people don’t camp out for days for the latest Samsung or HTC phones.

And even when asked why they are queuing up, they can’t give a clear answer. “Because it’s an iPhone,” is usually the response.

People can’t give a clear answer because there isn’t a logical reason.

This is how great branding lives in the hearts of your customers.

The decision is being made by that primitive, emotional part of your brain. People buy a product, not because it’s the best, or the cheapest, but because it makes them feel something, even if they’re not sure what that something is.

Why branding is important

To put it simply, branding is how your customers perceive you, but it can extend far beyond that.

A brand is more than your business logo, it signifies your core values and how you interact with customers and suppliers. It’s your reputation, both as a business and as a product.

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Here are three reasons your branding is important

A strong brand gives something money can’t buy – reputation.

It adds value to your business, making you worth more than simply the sum of your assets. Having a recognised name will open doors that would otherwise remain locked, and it’s not based on profit margins or annual sales figures, but simply on reputation.

Brand recognition is important for several reasons.

People tend to buy products when they are familiar with the company. Consistent and easy to recognise branding, is the key to helping customers feel safer buying your product, rather than taking a risk on an unknown company. Being a recognisable brand, also allows you to stand out from your competitors, giving you the obvious advantages that go along with that.

Brands that are easy to remember are easy to recommend.

This doesn’t necessarily mean having a catchy name or logo. People will remember your brand because you left an emotional impact. People love to tell others about the things they like. They eat brandingwear brandinglisten to branding… and if they love it, they’ll be sure to pass it on.

In today’s global market, having a good product simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Small companies starting out are no longer competing only in their local area, or even nationally. Selling online means selling to the world, and there are many competitors out there with products as good as yours.

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This is why branding is so important. A good, solid, recognisable brand can make the difference between success and failure for a new company. Branding helps to build trust with customers, develops loyalty and spreads the word – all good reasons to put branding before your product.

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