How the right retail packaging can help your brand

Retail packaging

How the right retail packaging can help your brand

Retail packaging is the physical embodiment of a brand. 

People can pick up your packaging, touch it, read it, feel it… and then decide whether or not to buy.

But before all that happens, the product has to be noticed and when it is noticed, it has to be for the right reasons.

Potential customers need to be attracted by the packaging or they won’t engage with it at all.

When done correctly, retail packaging is another weapon in your arsenal to compete with your competitors.

Why retail packaging makes an impression

First impressions last, whether they are with people, places, or products.

Your retail packaging will make an impression – it’s up to you what kind of impression that is.

Not only do you need to stand out from your competitors, but you also need to stand on your own two feet.

Packaging should be recognisable as your unique brand, so when people see your product on the shelf, they know who it represents.

Consumers know what they are looking for, and your packaging should give them all the information they need without making them search for it.

Selling shoes? Then the size, materials and manufacturing details should all be right there, easy to see. Don’t make a potential customer spend time looking for it.

The shopping experience should be as simple as possible for the consumer, they shouldn’t have to work for it!

Luxury mens wristwatch displayed and packaged in a box as a gift for a celebration

The quality of the packaging represents what’s inside

Two people turn up for a job interview. 

One is wearing a new suit, the other an old t-shirt. 

Who has a better chance of getting the job?

Retail packaging is the same; if you put the effort into the presentation, you’ll get better results.

People expect what’s on the inside to be represented on the outside. 

The material, design, and cost of the packaging is an indicator of the product within, and if you skimp on the former, people will assume the product isn’t worth buying.

Spending a little extra time, money, and effort on your packaging as it will bring substantial rewards down the line.

Colour makes a huge difference

The psychological effects of colour cannot be understated.

There is solid evidence that colour is the first thing people notice about a product, and possibly the main factor in the decision to purchase.

Colours can immediately catch the consumer’s attention due to preconceived associations with that particular hue. 

Cleaning products tend to use white as it’s considered “clean”, while luxury items aim for gold, silver and black.

Once you have settled on a colour for your brand, you should stick with it.

Cadburys are so attached to their purple colour scheme – which they’ve used for over one hundred years – they tried to copyright it

The colour scheme of your retail packaging should be thought out, considered, and tested before committing to it, as it’s one of the most essential aspects of your brand.

Retail packaging is a marketing tool

Marketing isn’t just about adverts in magazines or on TV.

It is a strategy which uses all the tools in your possession to sell your brand.

Marketing is how you interact with your customers at every level, whether it’s on your website, through your social media profiles, and very importantly, your retail packaging.

Good packaging continues to sell your brand, even after the customer has already purchased the product.  

This increases brand awareness along with the respectability and popularity of the company.

Nike only needs their famous “tick” logo on their products and everyone knows who they are.

That’s the power of good marketing.

Picture showing happy woman opening present at home

Build your brand value through retail packaging solutions

With retail packaging playing such an essential role in a brand’s success, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you need to do before you put a product on the shelf.

Noticeable, recognisable branding, along with high-quality material is essential for your retail packaging.

We have years of experience in this field and know exactly how to build your brand value through great retail packaging.

We understand how important consistent representation of your brand is, and that no two products are the same.

Contact us today if you have any questions about what we do, or how we can help take your retail packaging to the next level.