How our comprehensive RFID solutions can protect your business

Supermarket trolley with RFID solutions tag filled with goods

How our comprehensive RFID solutions can protect your business

In part one of this two-part series, we talked about shoplifting, covering its history, impact and how technology has developed to counter the problem. In this part, we’ll discuss what we can do to help your business protect and track your inventory with our RFID solutions.

The evolution of RFID in retail security

We have always been a trailblazer in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, offering solutions to fortify businesses against retail theft.

The journey of RFID in retail traces back to its inception, evolving from a simple tracking technology to a sophisticated anti-theft solution. immago has always been at the forefront of this evolution, seamlessly integrating RFID and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) devices into labels, tags, and packaging through a process known as ‘Source Tagging.’

Understanding the intricacies of RFID and Acousto Magnetic (AM) technologies is crucial. immago specialises in both, allowing businesses to choose the technology that aligns seamlessly with their operational needs.

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Tailored solutions for diverse business needs

We offer three levels of security for our clients.

Entry-level systems for simplicity and efficiency

For businesses seeking simplicity without compromising efficiency, immago offers entry-level systems. These include standard EAS tags overprinted with variable product information, such as barcodes, providing a cost-effective yet powerful anti-theft solution.

Covert solutions for merging security with branding

We take security to the next level by integrating anti-theft devices into generic or branded woven or fabric labels and swing tags. This covert approach enhances security and preserves the brand’s aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend of protection and style.

Fully integrated solutions

For businesses desiring a comprehensive solution, we offer our fully integrated option. These solutions combine variable product information, branding and RFID devices into a single label or tag product. It combines efficiency and customisation, ensuring that security measures seamlessly align with brand identity.

Tailoring solutions to unique business requirements

Understanding that each business is unique, immago discusses with clients to fully understand their specific needs. From existing equipment alignment to solving unique business challenges, these discussions lay the foundation for crafting tailored security solutions.

Our core product options cater to a spectrum of needs, including EAS stickers with or without barcodes, cosmetic EAS stickers, laundry tags, silicone-encased tags, swing tags with variable print, and RFID-protected products like wallets and neck pouches. The company’s flexibility shines through, offering bespoke solutions for diverse requirements.

For more specific customisations and to ensure the right fit, immago delves into exact application requirements, expected duties of the label or tag, the required operating frequency, understanding the operating environment, scanning equipment details, and the expected life cycle of the label or tag.

Whatever the garment, where it’s going, and what it will be used for, we have a solution to protect it.

Rfid sticker tag for retail shoplifting protection technology hidden in removable lable

Our options for enhancing security

EAS labelling

EAS labelling solutions are designed with simplicity in mind. Formulated based on application requirements, tag type, and supply presentation needs (e.g., supplied on rolls with pre-printed barcodes), these solutions provide a straightforward entry point to enhanced security.

Bespoke solutions

RFID label and tag solutions by immago are significantly more bespoke than our other options. Once the application parameters and goals are understood, we create product options that initiate further in-depth discussions. This bespoke approach ensures that our RFID solution aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

The cost of ignoring security

As discussed in part one, retail theft is as old as retail. It’s a persistent challenge, and the cost of neglecting security measures can be substantial. Our RFID solutions act as a deterrent against theft and contribute to improved product traceability, reducing losses and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

We were an early adopter of the RFID tag, and as technology advances, its future in retail security holds exciting possibilities. We, of course, remain at the forefront, continually innovating to meet the evolving needs of businesses. From enhanced data analytics to augmented reality integration, the trajectory of RFID promises a more secure and connected retail environment.

Secure your future with immago

In a dynamic and competitive retail landscape, we stand as a beacon of security and innovation. Elevate your business’s security posture and embrace the future of retail with our cutting-edge RFID solutions.

Unlock the full potential of RFID security tags beyond mere security measures. These versatile devices contribute to the seamless operation of your business across all stages of the process. Whether streamlining production line logistics, enabling efficient tracking, or enhancing shipping processes, RFID tags emerge as invaluable tools that not only save considerable man-hours but also mitigate product losses.

Our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating RFID security tags into your business operations with minimal disruption. Regardless of the stage of your process, we can help you leverage the benefits of this transformative technology.

Please contact us today to get in touch with our professional and experienced staff members. They are ready to guide you through any inquiries, shedding light on the remarkable potential of RFID technology and how its implementation can revolutionise your business.

Your security is our priority – let’s build it together.