immago client Samal Singh wows audiences at Fiji Fashion Week 2018

immago client Samal Singh wows audiences at Fiji Fashion Week 2018

Samal Singh has been participating in Fiji Fashion Week for 9 years now, and this year the 26-year-old produced his most adventurous collection to date at Fiji Fashion Week 2018.

Designing since 2009, Samal won the Most Promising Designer of the Year award in 2011, and introduced his Guilty menswear range in 2016.

At Fiji Fashion Week 2018, he dedicated his collection to his mother – with his inspiration coming from watching her work at a garment factory.

Guilty collection At Fiji Fashion Week

The Guilty Concept showcased at Fiji Fashion Week 2018

The Guilty range is a Fiji-based men’s fashion label, constructed on the street styles of the island. Guilty emerged as a brand a couple of years ago, however, before that Samal designed exclusively for women.

I started designing men’s fashion in 2016 using the brand name Guilty. Guilty is all about brotherhood. It’s not about who you are, what you have been through, your skin colour, your race, religion or your sexuality, because at the end of the day we all are brothers.

The inspiration behind the Guilty 2018 collection at Fiji Fashion Week was a black and white concept.

I have always wanted to design a black and white collection, and what’s better than designing Guilty in black and white? I used a literal interpretation using cotton fabrics and slim fitted shirts and T-shirts with a variety of geometrical prints. It was all a mixture of just black and white.

Guilty duffel bags

Made in New Zealand

This year for the very first time we introduced duffle bags. We had three unique designs of the Guilty duffle bag, which was made in New Zealand using crocodile leather and suede fabrics. The fabrics we used were primarily cotton, which is above any other material – cotton is king. Guilty was all about cotton textiles like jersey, oxford cloth and twill. Putting together a strong outfit, whether it is streetwear or not, calls for smart judgement, as well as a solid selection of Guilty which you can build upon as your wardrobe grows

Conquering the world at Fiji Fashion Week 2018

The Guilty show at the Fiji Fashion Week was opened by the international model Louis Ova from New Zealand and closed off by Samal himself.

The crowd cheered out loud as I walked down the runway!

Samal Singh at Fiji Fashion Week 2018

Guilty 2018 was immediately noticed around the world, with Samal’s designs being worn by one of his clients at the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world in Dubai) and again near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Guilty range is really starting to make its mark on the world.

Samal is currently living in New Zealand and trying to get his brand out into the international market.

I am so grateful to be associated with immago who do my labels and tags for Guilty. They really do take care of my branding and take it to another level. I have been sponsored for the third year in a row by the company for the Fiji Fashion show.

We help Samal because we believe in him. New designers need support, connections and advice to get ahead in the industry, and immago provides all those things and more.

If you’re an upcoming designer and would like help getting your brand off on the right foot, then contact us today and let’s have a chat about how we can help you and your business.

Through our global infrastructure, industry connections and years of experience, we can help you launch your career in the fashion world.

You can check out Samal’s Facebook page here, or take a look at his Instagram Account here.