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How do start-ups maintain quality brand identity?

Clothing labels and packaging

How do start-ups maintain quality brand identity?

You will know the importance of managing your brand as it develops, and for the most part you can control your customer’s experience, in the way you communicate and deliver on your brand strategy.

An effective brand strategy gives you an edge in the increasingly competitive industry of fashion, and what you communicate visually can be used to capitalise on the marketing opportunities that brand recognition offers.

To put it simply – brand recognition is your promise to your customers, as it gives them an indication of what they can expect from your product.

Creating standards for your product needs to be consistent. Swing tags and clothing labels are one way you can label and brand your product and this is where we can help you. The range of label designs we work with, is varied to suit a number of applications, purposes, budgets and brand expectations.

How can you do this and maintain quality control over your brand?

As a new business, your volume will more often than not, be minimum quantities.

With small volume orders comes higher development costs, and as a new business your budget may be limited, so you want to keep your clothing label solution costs to a minimum.

Choosing a supplier can make or break your business in multiple ways. Choose the wrong partner to work with and your branding could turn out to be a poor and costly experience.

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Your clothing labels are the face your brand presents to the world, and getting it right the first time will depend in part, on the ability to translate your brand through product packaging.

First impressions make lasting impressions, and in the hugely competitive world of fashion, you don’t get a second chance. To ensure success, your marketing strategy needs to incorporate top quality product labels as the building blocks of your brand identity.

There are many factors that you need to take into account when sourcing a new supplier for your brand’s labelling solutions.

One of the biggest factors our clients say they will not compromise on, is the consistency of quality and brand value. Ensuring representation of your brand imagery across all your retail product lines is a significant consideration.

As an emerging young entrepreneur you may not understand the confusing and complex world of labels and packaging – this is where we can help you.

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What do you want from your packaging partner?

You want your products to attract attention on the shelf and at the same time instil confidence in your customers. You want them to identify with your product or brand and to be able to differentiate from your competitors, as well as communicating the benefits and uses, along with enticing customers to purchase your products.

You may have a successful product that performs well in the marketplace, but if you can’t find a way to produce the packaging cost-effectively, your product will suffer.

Quality impression is an extremely important part of the sales requirement and even if your product is high-end, unless branding matches in quality and perceived value, it could be considered to be of low quality.

Don’t fall into the trap of using cheap construction or outdated technology as this can damage your brand.

At Image Label Systems we use a collective approach, and this enables us to address the individual complexities your brand faces. We understand that flexibility and agility are paramount to brand control and quality, and will work with you in a collaborative way to achieve your goals.

Keeping costs down is achievable

Launching a new brand is expensive, and we understand a new business owner not wanting to pay premium prices for your branding solutions.  We believe in being as fair as possible in giving our new customers competitive prices – prices that might be more in line with the bigger, more established brands.

It’s our way of working with you on a personal level, getting to know and understand your individual requirements.

When you combine your packaging and label sourcing with Image Label Systems we will ensure consistency in the representation of your brand imagery across all your retail product lines.

Technology is changing the future of fashion

Technology has played a major part in changing the shopping habits of consumers.

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As the wave of technology has swept its way into the world of fashion, it is revolutionising the way we relate to clothes. Customization, as a result of technological advancements, is now a standard area of business operations.

In today’s market, customers’ expectations have changed from service to experience.

This expectation means for many businesses to compete effectively, they need to go above and beyond the call of duty to impress customers and exceed their expectations. You can achieve this by delivering a complete brand experience that surpasses competitors, and morphs into the complete experience.

We have seen many major changes over the years in garment labels and packaging solutions, and have adjusted our position in the market to assist our clients negotiate their way through these challenges.

Our customers associate us with innovative and flexible business solutions and creative product design. We deliver results via a business model, that combines an ‘on the ground’ control of a global player, with the entrepreneurial culture and flexibility of a smaller enterprise.

We are a global business with an integrated supply network across 90% of Australasia’s apparel sourcing regions. Through our Asia Pacific footprint, our joint venture in the US, and our Euro Zone partners, we provide label and packaging solutions to a wide range of businesses, from small ’boutique’ brands through to major international brand names.

If you’re looking for custom label and packaging solutions that create a great experience for your customers and give you consistent branding across all channels, come and talk to us.

Creating memorable experiences for your customers, who will be delighted to share that experience with others, will help to build your brand and attract new customers.