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Ripe Maternity shares successful clothing labels strategy

ripe maternity clothing label

Ripe Maternity shares successful clothing labels strategy

When a product is ripe for production, packaging and distribution, having a single supplier relationship will beat a multitude of suppliers each and every time.

At Image Label Systems we recognise the benefits in having a single supplier and single relationship base. This is one of the many reasons we are the single supplier of choice for many designers, manufacturers and other garment producers.

One client who benefits from our collaborative/partnership based approach to business is Ripe Maternity.One of the best ways we have found to communicate what we do and how well we do it, is to shine a light on the businesses we work and collaborate with.

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Ripe and ready to go

Ripe is an Australian owned fashion brand designing contemporary maternity wear and was established in 1996 by friends Kate Beaconsfield and Lisa Balakas.

Their individual strengths synchronised perfectly at the right place and the right time to launch their label ‘Ripe’. Through innovation and passion this thriving and successful brand has evolved pushing to new heights of success, collecting awards and loyal customers along the way.

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One of the ways we support Ripe is in our supplier capacity, ensuring consistency across the range and supporting distribution channels throughout the globe – directly into boutiques across the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

When we talk of the ‘single supplier relationship’ and the benefits derived from it, there are five major points we believe contribute significantly and relegate multiple suppliers to a thing of the past.

I prefer to reduce supplier numbers to a level that provide Ripe with a manageable, cost effective network that will adequately supply the width and breadth of goods and services we require.   It is important for me and our company culture that we build strong relationships with partners that are a good match for us. We endeavor to work with companies that are compatible with the unique nuances of our business – Lisa Balakas

The question becomes – why have multiple relationships when you can have one?[/vc_column_text]

Here are the top five reasons

1. Responsibilities are not split

We offer all our clients a single point of contact for all transactions and enquiries. Within our company this person becomes our client’s designated Account Merchandiser and in the event of a mistake or an unexpected change, it is easy for the client to reach that person directly and have the issue resolved quickly.

Additionally, as one person oversees all aspects of supply management, it is easier to spot inconsistencies, ensure accuracy, and pin point any potential design related issues, should they arise.

2. Bulk buying results in considerable discounts

A company that handles all your supply needs can generally offer lower prices or rebates. This also has the added advantage of building a long-term relationship with one supplier which can mean access to special promotions or discounts and a first glimpse at the new products or technologies hitting the market.

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3. Centralized ordering streamlines the management process

Rather than contacting a myriad of separate vendors for labels, tags, bags and promotional needs, a business can procure all these services from one vendor like Image Label Systems. This step cuts out unnecessary time spent on the bidding process every time a new product is needed. It also simplifies supply ordering, so employees need to make only one quick phone call with their order.

 We reviewed our sourcing and moved it all to Image Label Systems 3 years ago. The company is a great match for us. Bruce Hadley and the team are a delight to work with. The process of supply and development is streamlined and straightforward. Image label Systems provide us consistent, high quality representation of our brand through woven garment labels, swing tags, product information tags and other branded trims – Lisa Balakas

In our relationship with Ripe, centralised ordering is essential. Our relationship is built on a collaborative base, whereby we need and are privy to forecasts that assist us in catering to fluctuating demands and meeting tight turnarounds. It is not uncommon to receive an order for delivery in 3-4 days so things like shared forecasts help to build efficiency for our clients with reduced procurement costs.

4. Single-source supply management allows savings beyond bulk discounts

A good example of single-source supply is the benefit of multiple products being shipped together saving on freight costs. In addition, the often ignored cost of time spent on ordering processes is drastically reduced and employees can turn their attention to other revenue generating tasks.

5. Customer service improves significantly

Because of the close relationship with the client and the account merchandiser we get to know your business intimately. This familiarity allows for a developing relationship that leads to anticipating needs, tailoring programs for individual clients and tracking orders from start to finish. Building rapport with a single vendor encourages the formation of a truly functional working relationship.

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To find out information on how a single supplier relationship can work for you contact Image Label Systems.

We have found with our years of experience, geographic diversity and skilled staff, having a single port of call, as opposed to multiples, will work wonders for the efficiency in your garment production process.