Endeavour Through Adversity – ThruDark Apparel performance clothing

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Endeavour Through Adversity – ThruDark Apparel performance clothing

Acronyms are widely used these days; they are commonplace in our day-to-day communications. Most are, by nature, innocuous, others inspire and many are globally recognised, such as KFC, FBI, LOL, or BMW.

Similarly, many are very specific and have little meaning to anyone outside of the arena they are used within. They could be used to simplify a complex name, describe a product or service, or just make general communication quicker and easier.

When searching the acronym “SBS” online, one site offers 134 possible meanings.

We’re only interested in one though, and that is the variant that stands for the United Kingdom’s Special Boat Service.

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The Special Boat Service

What does the Special Boat Service (SBS) have to do with immago?

Nothing directly, except for the fact that we are proud to be working with a company whose apparel range has deep and rather direct roots with the SBS.

The British SBS is the special forces unit of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy and is often described as the sister unit to the British army SAS.

This military unit is traditionally manned by Royal Marines Commandos, unashamedly recruiting and developing only the very best operatives; those considered masters of their disciplines, armed with training and experience that ensures they are equipped to operate unreservedly at the pinnacle of military activities.

Umbrella SBS tasks can include special reconnaissance, offensive action coordination, designation of precision-guided munitions, high-tech demolitions and very importantly, immediate response military and maritime counter-terrorism expertise.

In a nutshell, the people involved with the SBS are unquestionably the elite of the elite.

Those of us on the outside of the military and similar organisations can only imagine what being a part of this could be like. At best, using internet searches or cinema images to help us understand the commitment and sacrifice made to defend a country’s sovereignty, its national interests and, of course, its citizens.

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Special Boat Service? Immago? Apparel? What’s the link? … Enter the name ThruDark.

“We are united in our beliefs and mindset, whilst working together as a team.

Ultimately, we are a team of former Special Forces operators striving to produce outstanding clothing for the most challenging environments and ventures.

Founded on unquestionably authentic principles, supported by powerful experience-led stories. We take an inclusive but exclusive approach to our customers.”  ThruDark – The ‘tier 1’ brotherhood of brands

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As the above highlights, ThruDark is an apparel brand centred on providing the ultimate in outdoor wear, designed for superior performance in extreme conditions.

From intense apparel designed for scaling K2, to products suitable for those simply pounding the streets for a bit of exercise, the range of ThruDark offerings are defined and impressive, if not somewhat ominous. Set aside some time to check out the offerings at www.thrudark.com

Co-founders Louis and Staz, both extremely experienced and highly decorated former Special Forces operatives, have brought ThruDark to its inception from a constant requirement for the very best clothing and equipment that will assist with Endeavour Through Adversity.

“The brand name ‘ThruDark’ represents the endurance through difficult situations experienced not only by ourselves and our colleagues but to all those who encounter hardship in their own lives.”

As a relative newcomer, ThruDark has made big waves in the extreme outdoor apparel sector. A strong “brotherhood” following that is growing rapidly day by day, combines with unwavering product quality, great design, and true experience in the extremities, to drive a “best of the best” approach to the entire product range.

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Ultimate performance apparel built to last

Using the very latest in fabric technologies, incorporated with the immense knowledge gained from many years operating in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments, this gear is the ultimate for those wanting head to toe performance apparel suitable for the harshest, least compromising environments Mother Nature can throw at us.

You can see and feel the quality from the outset. Primarily manufactured in Europe, this product does not fit with the fast-fashion juggernaut currently gripping the world, it is at the opposite end of the garment spectrum.

This kit is made to endure.

The detail is precise, the design intricate, and delivering a complete quality experience is the mantra that applies to their product, customer service and overall presentation.

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Providing a range of garment trims, merchandising mediums and packaging to complement ThruDark’s ethos, and the product presentation standards expected from a brand of this calibre, immago is a proud partner in the ThruDark story.

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We pride ourselves on being fully entrenched in our client’s business, helping whenever and wherever we can. We understand that no two businesses are the same and therefore work with you to create tailored packaging solutions that work for you.

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