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Using labels effectively to attract attention in the marketplace

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Using labels effectively to attract attention in the marketplace

Today all companies, including yours, are competing in a global marketplace. For you to stand out, your marketing strategy needs to incorporate top quality product labels as one of the building blocks of your brand identity.

Using labels effectively to showcase your products

If you are investing your hard earned money into creating or enhancing your brand identity it is crucial that you use labels that effectively communicate and showcase your products and your company.

Whether your company is a small local business or a major high street retailer who handles dozens of brands and product ranges, the return on investment gained from top quality product labelling far outweigh the initial expense.


Top quality labelling reinforces your brand identity

The type of labelling you use for your products is an integral part of your brand identity vision. Top quality labelling will reinforce and emphasise your brand while providing customers with all the information they need to motivate them into buying your product over and over again.

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Your brand reflects your product, your label is the face of your product.

Quality labels spell quality products which in turn strengthens brand recognition

Established and successful brands are already aware that their customers know what they like and their product labelling is designed to target those customers. When the product label has the right qualities it helps a product stand out from others and draws the customer in.

Most consumers today don’t have time to stop and look at alternatives while shopping. Once a customer accepts a product with the desired qualities, it is highly probable that the brand will be remembered on their next shopping excursion.

Enhancing your customers’ shopping experience

Trust in a brand, instills a certain sense of nostalgia, so it is important to continually look at ways to enhance your customer’s shopping experience to further cement your brand as the best product choice.

For example you could supply your customer with suitably branded packaging such as carry bags, branded cartons, and gift wrapping. In this way, even when products of a similar type sit side by side on the supermarket shelf or hang on the same rack in the local fashion boutique, consumers know what they like and if they identify with your name brand it is more likely they will choose your product.

 It’s not just the name – the humble label can do so much more

Take garment labels for instance. They are used to brand the product but are also used to provide storage, cleaning and care information as well as details of the garment size and fit. Garment labels may also let the consumer know what type of material was used in its manufacture and even more commonly it will identify the garments manufacturing country of origin.

That’s a lot of information to be packed into such a small space but the story doesn’t end there.

Labels inform the customer and help the retailer as well

Accurate stock and sales data is vital to the efficient running of any retail operation. If the store’s back-office and stock systems are automatically updated when an item is presented at the point of sale, stock levels are automatically updated and replacements are ordered if required.


In addition to a garment’s woven brand label, a range of other labelling products are used to store and provide stock data. These other labels typically include swing tags, anti-theft devices and tags.

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Keep on track with accurate product tracking

With global trade being the norm these days, effective product labelling also enables the efficient tracking of items from the point of manufacture through to the point of sale, and beyond. Using bar code and other scanning technologies, any item or garment can be followed and tracked back to its source if necessary.

If a fault is discovered in a particular batch of products, this tracking technology also enables all instances of the fault to be identified in stock located anywhere across the distribution network. Stolen goods can often be identified in this way as well.


By now you will have recognised that labels are not only important for branding your products, they are also extremely valuable for both the buyer and the seller.

There is no substitute for top quality labelling and good design. Your brand name should live on in your buyer’s mind throughout and beyond your product’s life cycle.

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