No matter where your apparel business is – immago is there

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No matter where your apparel business is – immago is there

The apparel business is unlike any other. Textiles and garments can be made anywhere in the world, resulting in considerable differences in both cost and quality. The good news is, no matter where you manufacture your range, even if production is split between different countries, immago isn’t far away.

New Zealand and Australia

immago started in New Zealand over 50 years ago and took our first steps internationally across the ditch to Australia shortly after.

While manufacturing may have moved to Asia, Australian and Kiwi companies still play a huge role in the global apparel industry.

We help our clients by dealing with them locally and sorting out any problems they might have internationally. Our offices in Melbourne and Auckland mean you can place orders, resolve any issues or make inquiries without having to call overseas.

Not only do we talk to you face to face on home soil, but we also have people on the ground to check the quality of the final product, making sure everything is correct and present before being shipped out.

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United States of America

We are very proud to be a part of the US market, the third-largest textile industry in the world. With our headquarters in Short Hills, New Jersey, just 45 minutes from the famous New York garment district, we have been helping American brands for almost a decade now.

If you’re manufacturing within the US, we can help supply you with a full suite of label and packaging products. From budding designers to well-known brands, we’ve got the solution for you.

Suppose you’re a US company that manufactures in another part of the world. In that case, we can coordinate packaging and labels with your manufacturer, have it all work seamlessly together, and bring it to your door in the US.

Hong Kong and China

Immago has been in Hong Kong since before the British handover to the Chinese in 1997, giving us a history and respect in the apparel business community.

Hong Kong is the management ‘hub’ of our supply chain activities throughout the wider Asian region. Through our Hong Kong office, we help our customers set up new connections, factories and trade routes, launch new subsidiaries throughout the area, and deal with any issues that may arise within the supply chain.

If you’re thinking of starting or moving production to China, we have the connections to help you. With our 20-plus years of experience there and our extensive supply chain across the country, we know how the system works, who we can rely on and what’s best for our clients.

If you are already manufacturing garments in China, we can work with you to expand your network and optimise your business.

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India and Bangladesh

India is an excellent manufacturing base and a large consumer market. With our office based in Ahmedabad, the birthplace of the Indian textile industry, we have the connections, locations and local knowledge to help you set up shop here.

Two-thirds of India’s apparel sales are within the country, and with a population set to overtake China’s this year, you won’t be wanting for customers. Manufacturing here means you’ve got consumers right on your doorstep before you even export to the rest of the world, and we can help.

Next door in Bangladesh, the textile industry is booming, second only to China when it comes to exports.

After two horrific disasters highlighted massive problems in working conditions in the country, a complete overhaul of the apparel industry was ordered, resulting in safer working conditions and a new push for sustainability.


We have offices worldwide, but rarely have we seen such friendly, competent and professional people as in Vietnam.

Our Vietnam branch is a supply chain link to the Indo-China and Southeast Asia regions. From there, we can supply products for our global clients across the country, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia.

If you’re considering manufacturing clothing in Vietnam, then talk to us. We can help take your game to the next level with product consistency, quality and authenticity.


After Australia, Fiji was our next port of call, and we’ve had a strong presence here for over 25 years.

Our Business Manager in Fiji, Adeshni Pratap, started as a factory operator on the first day we opened in 1997 and today leads our team in our Suva office.

The country ticks a lot of boxes for any apparel business, with its hard-working, highly skilled locals with plenty of experience.

Fiji’s time zone is between New Zealand and Australia, making it a convenient spot for both countries to do business. We are proud to support local Fijian designers and the push for women’s and workers’ rights in the country.

We’re just around the corner

Immago is at the heart of the apparel manufacturing industry. With ten offices worldwide, we have clients from all over the globe, helping them with everything from hang tags to intercontinental transportation.

Unfortunately, we’re very aware of some of the conditions modern factory workers must endure. Working with us means you don’t have to worry about human rights abuses in your supply chain because we carefully appraise any factory we partner with and continue to carry out regular inspections ensuring the ethical treatment of our workers.

Even after 50 years, immago is still a leading label and packaging solutions supplier, offering a global supply chain to brands worldwide. You can trust us to handle your apparel business needs efficiently, reliably, and ethically.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about how we can help you, no matter which part of the world you’re in.