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Woven labels connect customers to your brand identity

Woven clothing label

Woven labels connect customers to your brand identity

Usually sewn inside the garment just below the collar, woven labels are a constant display of your brand’s signature, and for that reason are a very important part of your overall marketing and garment branding.

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Woven labels have a unique brand value, because they carry the brand imagery for the life of the garment, unlike swing tags which are removed before the first wear or printed brand labels and transfers, which fade, or wear off over time.

Manufactured in much the same way as any fabric, woven labels are created using weaving looms that integrate warp and weft yarns together from an electronic design or pattern.

The result is a tactile, enduring and visually attractive product that can be produced in a range of:

Qualities: the main being Satin, Taffeta and Damask.

Shades: we offer a comprehensive shade range, or can closely replicate a preferred Pantone colour.

Definitions: from standard definition to the very latest high definition designs.

Finishes: including loop fold, end fold, mitre fold.

From Concept to Completion

At Image Label Systems, we bring each customer’s concept to life via a product development process that reflects our almost 40 years experience in manufacturing woven labels, combined with our desire to successfully blend design, creativity and product functionality.

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Creating the Look

Creating a classic woven label begins with identifying the customers graphic and functional requirements.

This includes establishing the appropriate yarn shades & lustre, weave quality & definition, and label finish.

This is a consultative process, where we integrate the customer’s requirements with our technical expertise to construct a product ‘brief’.

Illustrating the Look

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The final product ‘brief’ is then illustrated in the form of finished artwork.

The artwork represents a two dimensional interpretation of the finished label, from which product samples, or prototypes, will be prepared.

Reflecting the Look

Once artwork is approved, finished samples of the woven label are prepared and provided to the customer.  These samples represent the look and feel of the future production,and allow the customer to view their chosen shades, weave quality, finish and physical dimensions, prior to committing to production.

Delivering the Look

Our woven labels are manufactured to exacting quality standards to ensure consistency across multiple supply runs and locations.

On Trend

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The latest trends in woven labels are towards a high quality yet ‘minimalist’ design approach, incorporating soft, natural shades, clean lines of content and high definition (low denier) yarns, into a gentle and understated design.

The most popular quality today is the Damask weave.  A Damask weave uses a tight weave structure that achieves a soft, subtle texture, gives more intricate detail and delivers a ‘high end’ impression.

Also popular is the use of low denier yarns to produce a high definition (“HD”) finish.  In combination with a Damask weave quality, HD provides the premium label result, with the ultimate in fine detail and texture.

At Image Label Systems, we work with small and large businesses and recognise the importance of flexibility, collaboration and communication in delivering a successful end product.

For more information on how we can deliver a successful end product for you, and promote your brand identity, visit our website.