Ways to make eco-friendly packaging for your brand

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Ways to make eco-friendly packaging for your brand

We’ve talked before about packaging and why it is so important for your brand. Most packaging uses far more materials that are actually required and this has a huge impact on the future of the environment.

You can start to make small improvements by making a conscious effort to use eco-friendly packaging.

From first impressions to the colour scheme, your packaging not only represents your company, but also the quality of the item inside.

But packaging must first and foremost do its job and protect the product. The most important part of packaging is making sure the products arrive unharmed.

If the items arrive damaged, the customer will most probably return the goods and possibly leave negative feedback.

That is not good for business.

Use eco-friendly packaging

In simple terms, focus on minimalizing the size and weight of your packaging. Concentrate on clean aesthetics, by reducing the amount of text and pictures on the packaging.

Surprisingly, ink can be the most costly and wasteful part of the packaging process. If you need to use ink, soy inks are more sustainable and they can also be de-inked making them easier for recycling.

The smaller the packaging and lighter in weight the materials, the more fuel and energy you will save in production.

Huge boxes for small products are a waste of space and materials which, in the long run, will cost more to store and ship your goods. It is best to create custom packages which fit your products and reduce the number of packaging layers.

eco-friendly packaging

Go green and save money

By using green packaging and reducing waste, you will actually save money.

Eco-friendly packaging options are not only cheaper, but more acceptable by today’s waste-conscious consumers – another important consideration.

Cardboard and plastic are the easiest materials to recycle and recreate new items from, while using biodegradable plastic as opposed to traditional plastic is best. Once exposed to sunlight, biodegradable plastic will start to decompose naturally.

Even traditional bubble wrap is eco-friendly because it is made of recycled polyethylene which is fully degradable. Air cushion rolls are the updated and improved version of bubble wrap. They are recyclable, save storage space, and are more cost-effective.

Styrofoam is not recommended as a means of shock absorption and is not recyclable which is bad for the environment.

Today, companies such as Amazon are even practicing not using any sort of packaging fillers. You may open your packages and find only the product purchased. This reduces waste and keeps costs down.

High quality reusable packaging

Higher quality bags and boxes encourage consumers to reuse and keep, rather than throw away and waste.

Chose high-quality materials that will last a long time and are aesthetically pleasing to your customers. As a bonus, if your customer is reusing your box or bag, this will encourage them to develop loyalty to your brand.

Designing eco-friendly packaging

The future is green

When it comes to the sustainability of packaging, it is best to use the minimal amount of material possible and the eco-friendliest material you can find.

Keep it clean and green.

You want to be aware of how your company is impacting the future of the environment – because consumers are – and they are becoming more intolerant for companies who don’t practice sustainability.

The more sustainable you are, the longer you will stay in business. If your efforts appeal to today’s customers, you’re more likely to keep your customers loyal to your brand.

There are big changes ahead on the road to sustainability, and eco-friendly packaging is just a small part of it.

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