Why swing tags are still important in today’s digital world

Swing tags from immago

Why swing tags are still important in today’s digital world

It’s no secret that print media is dying and has been for a long time. As we enter the “Digital Age”, things like newspapers and magazines seem obsolete, simply creating waste for the sake of tradition.

So is this the case for swing tags?

Do we really need a little piece of cardboard hanging from a garment in this day and age?

The answer is yes, and here’s why…

Why swing tags are still relevant

Remember Google Glass? It was set to be the next big thing – augmented reality, right there as you walk down the street.

Look in a shop window and the price of an item will pop up in front of you, follow an imaginary line in the street to get to where you’re going, automatically take photos of people you meet… and in the end, it was a complete disaster.

Technology only exists to solve problems, and Google Glass didn’t fix any problems that smartphones weren’t already solving. It’s the same for swing tags; there’s no problem there to solve. They work perfectly, just as intended. There’s no need for improvement, so why try to reinvent the wheel?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Woman reading swing tag

Product information

The original point of swing tags is still the main reason why they exist – information. Labels are an easy way to get important information to the consumer, such as size, material or price. Not all swing tags have these things, but there is simply no better way to impart information than to have it there in plain black and white.

Direct communication with customers

Size, care and pricing information isn’t the only thing you can put on your labels. Swing tags are an excellent way to talk directly with your customers, sending messages to them or redirecting them somewhere else.

As a brand, you can have pretty much anything you like on there, including QR codes. This is where old-fashioned hangtags meet the digital world. A QR code or a web address can bring customers to sales, offers, or simply more information about the product.

Many companies are now using their tags to promote their sustainable practices or show where the garment came from and how they have offset the carbon from its creation.


In retail, you’re only as good as your branding, and swing tags are often a missed opportunity. A well-designed tag can promote brand awareness and support your unique identity, not to mention stand out on the rack from other garments.

Think of a swing tag as a business card instead of a price tag. It can be used to say hello to new customers while confirming to regular shoppers that you’re still working hard to bring them the clothes they love.

A good, well-conceived hangtag can reinforce the quality and credibility of your brand, reassuring customers that they are spending their money on the right item.

Eco-friendly hangtags

Eco-friendly swing tags

We’ve talked before about the latest trends and developments when it comes to swing tags, with sustainability at the forefront of these ideas.

As more and more brands make the move to a “greener” lifestyle, hangtags are an obvious and cheaper way to take the first step.

Recycled paper is becoming very popular with clothing companies when it comes to their labels, as are bamboo, hemp and wheat straw.

If sustainability is important to your brand, then swing tags are a great way to talk about it. Sending a message to customers about your renewable practices or redirecting them to your website is a simple way to utilise a hangtag to its full potential.

Call the experts

When we first started over 50 years ago, it was woven labels that got us off the ground. Since then we have perfected everything about labels and tags, from design and materials to production and shipping.

Our swing tags are available in a range of materials, including paper-board, fabric, plastics, metal, and even wood. Today we are still ahead of the curve by offering our clients plantable seed-tags.

These are made from a biodegradable eco-paper with flower seeds embedded within them. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers, herbs or vegetables, and no waste.

If you have any questions about swing tags, labels, or anything else to do with the apparel industry, we can help. Simply contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team members who will be happy to have a chat about your brand’s needs.