3 reasons brands have their clothing labels made separately

Clothing labels and tags

3 reasons brands have their clothing labels made separately

It may not be obvious, but garments and the clothing labels that come attached are not always made in the same factory. In fact, in most cases, not only are they made in a different location, but they’re made by a different company!

Apparel manufacturers have been making their labels (and packaging) separately for decades and with good reason…

It’s cost-effective

Like most decisions in business, having clothing labels made separately from the garment comes down to money. In the majority of cases, it’s far more cost effective to make labels elsewhere and have them attached post-garment production.

Mass-producing labels at a separate factory allows for economies of scale, making the production process more efficient and therefore cheaper. Those same factories typically have specialized equipment and experienced labour which also speeds up the process.

Quality and integrity

We’ve talked before about how important branding is, especially when it’s across different clothing lines. Consistency is the key, and having all your labels made in one place, by one company, in one factory helps cement this consistency.

The quality and integrity of your labels also remain consistent. Purchasing raw materials in bulk for label production means that all your labels are made the same, regardless of what’s on them. Different labels made in different places could show a substantial difference in material and production quality.

Separate labels are also typically made from more durable materials, such as woven fabric or leather, which can withstand wear and tear better than labels sewn directly into the garment. This can help to extend the life of the clothing and ensure that the information on the label remains legible for longer.

Greater flexibility

Separate production of clothing labels also gives more options and a greater ability to adapt to unseen changes. Labels might legally need to have different information on them depending on which country they’re going to, and are easier to change when manufactured separately.

Inevitable changes like care instructions or new sizing information are less of a hassle, with changes being made quickly and efficiently, without having to replace entire garments. This is a significant advantage for apparel manufacturers, as they can keep their clothing up-to-date without incurring large costs.

Why clothing labels are so important

For many brands, especially those just starting out, clothing labels seem to be an afterthought, something to deal with after the garment has been made.

More experienced brands know that’s not the case.

Clothing labels offer important information about the product, information which might just be the difference between an item being purchased or put back on the rack.

From swing tags to care and content information, clothing labels are an essential part of the apparel industry and should be taken seriously.

They’re not just a source of information, but also a platform for your brand, showing your logo, slogan or promise to the environment.

Clothing labels can be made from practically any material, including wood, plastic and metal, and can have as much or as little information on them as you like.

Talk to us about your clothing labels

Immago are one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to clothing labels.

When we first started over 50 years ago, it was woven labels that got us off the ground. Since then, we have perfected everything about labels and tags, from design and materials to production and shipping.

No matter where you are manufacturing your garments, we can help with your labels. Odds are, if your factory is in Asia, we probably have an office up the road.

We have factories dedicated to making labels, cutting costs and making life easier for your business. Even if we’re not making labels in the same country as you’re making clothes, we have an extensive supply chain throughout Asia, from New Zealand to China and everywhere in between.

We can have your clothing labels made, transported and delivered to wherever you need them to be, ready to be attached to your apparel.

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