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rpm swing tags

Looking for a point of difference with your Tag?

Struggling for ways to make your hangtag stand out??  RPM, a leading New Zealand surfwear company have come up with a novel way to impress, with no extra cost. What their design team came up with was very simple!! Instead of using the traditional round...
Immago clothing labels

5 Questions to ask your label supplier

ATF Magazine Feature – August 2012 The first question is do they own their own facilities ‘on the ground’ outside of Australasia? “Ownership means control” Marshall points out, “and control results in consistently lower pricing, shorter lead times, plus superior quality and service.” The second...
clothing care for fashion

Image Label Systems expands China facilities

ATF Magazine Feature – April 2012 “We have had a business in Guangzhou for several years, however we simply outgrew our old premises there” says CEO, David Marshall. Previously based in the historic PanYu district, Image Label Systems have recently re-located to Nansha. “Our new...
Retail Solutions

Celebrating 15 years in Fiji

ATF Magazine Feature – November 2011 “We first established a presence in Fiji back in 1996” says David Marshall, CEO of Image Label Systems. “We had been exporting to the Pacific Islands from our Australasian factories for several years prior to that. When we decided...
clothing price tag

More than just Barcodes

ATF Magazine Feature – May 2011 The use of item-specific information throughout the product supply chain has elevated variable data management from being simply an issue of retail compliance. “Variable data is used to not only inform the retail customer, but the entire product supply...